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A bit about myself:
Vocalist (both cleans and screams), 24, I have a home studio ready for recording, I play guitar, keys and mix, (I can learn to master if necessary, but might prefer to have an outside perspective take over the mastering), I am finishing my certification in Pro Tools, however; I use Studio One and have been familiarized with the recording and mixing process for a few years now. I will provide a picture of my set up at home. I have a 7-string ready to bounce. I am a student currently for Business, and I like to incorporate that into the construction of the project. I have been apart of many projects, all ranging in different progression, my most fruitful effort, End of Haven, had a great run ( link attached). I prefer a two vocalist situation, but a single vocalist situation is still possible. I had a great mentor in the local music industry who helped me gain many connections [ranging from graphic design artists to venues to audio engineers and public relations] and is still a good friend to this day that I can count on to help us get on our feet in the local area. In all of my projects I have been the one to handle the business side of the project mostly: promotion, marketing, advertising, booking gigs, arranging rehearsals, and balancing finances, etc. I apologize if this sounds overbearing but if it does then we might not be compatible. I have a burning passion to perform music but I also have a passion for business, I find these require balance to find progress. My end goal is to make a living off of performing and other music related businesses. I am NOT looking to make billions, rather, the opportunity to spill everything I have on stage and return to a decent car, home and life after the performance.

This Project:
I currently have a DRUMMER, performance ready, experienced, passionate and business-minded. aside from that, every other position is available: Screamer, Guitarists (2)*, Bassist. This project is hoping to create music that we are passionate about playing and proud to blast into the ears of people near and far. We do have song pieces and ideas ready to be completed, enough to have an EP or album ready fairly quickly. I can send these ideas over as we discuss other details. This project is very obviously a skeleton at the moment so specific details such as: our "sound", aesthetic, etc are unknown at this moment. I Do have a name for the project, but that can be altered later on if necessary. Ideal sound-directions are as follows: CURRENTS, Northlane, Erra, While She Sleeps, Glasslands, Wage War, Novelists, etc. We aren't looking to copy and paste these styles, simply create an amalgamation of those styles with our own natural and unique styles that will develop our sound into a unique mix that we wont have to force to sound different.

ALL Candidates:
-Please have adequate form of transportation
-Operable gear and experience with said gear
-Bring fresh ideas
-Bring your passion
-Have a form of income to help in band expenses (i.e. we share rehearsal studio costs equally)
-Be willing to sometimes adapt your schedule (We will do our best to work with your schedule, but if it becomes too difficult to get you to practices we will have no choice but to move on without you)
-Be malleable, we all have to work together to produce a song
-Be a chill person, we don't care if you smoke weed, drink, but just as with any other professional situation: if it hinders our progress and your input in the project than again, we will have no other choice blah blah blah
-Please understand that we want to run this as professional as possible and doing so requires an approach from a business standpoint and also from the perspective of our passions.

*I don't prefer to establish the term "Lead" and "Rhythm" as it usually forces a divide I have noticed, We all offer our ideas and we collaborate on them together.

Please click these links BEFORE contacting me, to get a better picture of what you will be approaching.



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Volumes, Northlane, Parkway Drive, Vildjharta, Incredible Me, CURRENTS, Northlane, Erra, While She Sleeps, Glasslands, Wage War, Novelists, etc

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Weve got everything we need: PA, mics for days, cables, halfstacks, etc