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I am a guitarist. I am into effects and tone. I love acoustic, but 90% of what I want to do artistically is electric guitar, so there may be an acoustic track here and there, but I am not looking to start a folk band. I can play bass, but don't ask me to solely play bass for your project. I have been a bass player in a few bands, but only play bass now for recording my own stuff. NO interest in being a bass player for another project (sorry, but I get asked too often). If you want to switch off on bass and guitar, I am down with that, in fact I am open to playing with multi-instrumentalists that like to switch things up, maybe even in the middle of a song. I like to work with collaborative players. I have network of musician buddies, but everyone has their own style and projects going, so I would love to meet a missing piece to the next great thing. If you are a creative genius and love all styles of music and have plenty of chops, let’s get together! I am not wanting to get pigeon-holed info a specific style (unless its is our own) or play covers. We can all record songs and ideas and collaborate on projects and would love to have a collective of great artists. Maybe something comes out of jamming and we hear something unique, we click, and we can form a project or band, but I am not just trying to start any old band or be a garage band, cover band, or other. At this point, after so many years of this and limited time for it to be wasted, it needs to be something amazing, but I am still a hopeful believer and wanna be rock star… aren’t we all? Maybe you hear the recordings on this page and want to play or layer in on the heavy songs, or only on the jazzy or funky tracks, or on the space/trippy stuff - we can explore that as a project, contact me! I can play so much more than what is on here, and love to get weird, but can also write really polished ideas. I would like to find another guitarist (singer and rhythm) or just another guitarist (that our styles gel), and someone that can really play the keys (and sing?) and layer in some electronic stuff, I like making music with good musicians. Vocals are so defining, and I have no idea what would really work for the style of music recorded, and maybe there isn’t too much in the way of vocals and is more of an instrumental band with some light vocals and harmonies where needed, or loops and samples, I dunno. I can write the song structure really well as a guitarist and layer parts in as needed, but would appreciate another song writer. I am not a flashy solo guy, as you can hear in the songs I posted, but more of a collaborative player, I know what is needed where, when to play it up and when to lay low. Style, ability, and compatibility are everything! I would like to build a band that is a progressive dynamic driving force that can break from different styles in the same song or album, a concept band like Pink Floyd or Tool, and be open enough to evolve like a Radiohead over the years. I can sing some back up vocals, but don't count on me for lyrics and as the singer. Bands are like family and marriage, hopefully we can find the right fit for everyone, but know I have been playing in 8 bands over the course of 20 years and the styles ranged from progressive metal punk (listen to the links below) to alternative to Rock to Folkish stuff and now I have a career, family and kids, but still will give 1-4 nights per week, a show a month, and to get all the stuff written, recorded and blow everyone's mind and create a way that we can all spend our days creating awesome music while getting paid for our art. I am looking for people that get along, make bad ass music and are professional enough to make it happen and not waste each others time. I don't care what color you are, where you are at in your life, as long as you are creative, reliable, passionate about music and capable of writing bad ass deep grove jammy stuff. We like to get weird, stay classic at times, mix styles, push the limits. If that sounds like you, contact me. We are all original, the only covers we will do are taking something and recreating it in a completely different way. I am 420 friendly, don't care what you do as long as it doesn't affect your life, others or the music. I have access to several home studios to record as well as a proper studio with old band mates and friends once things are polished.

MOST OF THE SONGS POSTED ON HERE ARE JAMMING - LIVE - RAW - UNPLANNED - IMPROVISED. We have almost 200 recordings with this project, there is way more than posted on this bandmix page, and other songs with styles ranging. Please know I have been around recording and playing in professional bands and can record polished recordings and tracks. As the idea develops, we will write it more formally, layer it all down with written parts, as many or few tracks as necessary to capture the right sound, all in time, more processed than the loose sketches you are hearing.

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