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I'm a 22 year old female. Looking to get back into music.

Alot, little or no experience required. Doesnt matter, if you have none, don't worry about it. That will all get worked out.

Ages- 18 to whatever.

I'm looking for a male vocalist. ( good screams, but also melodic singing voice )
Plus, either male or female for the following:
drummer ( with good double bass skills ), bassist, and second guitarist.

I'm able to play drums, guitar, bass and keys. But I'd be taking the position as one of the guitarists.
I've had two record deals in the past that fell through due to problems with a bandmate.

I love guitar solos, a good hook, heavy riffs. Technical music, that does something the listeners ear isn't expecting. A good bassline that doesn't just play the root note of the guitars. Drums that empower the song.

I'm easy to get along with, laid back. Like to joke around, have a good time. But I am looking to go all the way with music. So please only serious musicians/vocalists that are willing to practice, gig and tour, reply only.

If you write me, put your email addy in the message, because i cant reply back on this site.
e-mail me at: inkedmetalchickmusician

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Influences: Arch enemy, In flames, Machine head, At the gates, Blood has been shed, Children of Bodom, Motley crue, Diablo, evergrey, Dream theater, GNR, KsE, Meshuggah, megadeth, Mnemic, Opeth, Pantera, Shadows fall, strapping young lad, the haunted, Skid row, Ozzy...and so on. Also i like acoustic, classicial, etc.

If anyone is interested, please don't hesitate to contact me. And we can go from there.


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Getting a bass and bass amp soon. Also a piano.