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I've played in extreme metal bands like deathgrind and sludge before but trying to broaden my horizons and I've played at least 50 shows.
I'm looking to join a local band preferably as a bassist for weekend gigs And something that is easy to learn like punk, metal or hard rock. I have Very reliable transportation. To be honest, I want to play shows get wasted and fu*k slutty groupies,jk. And I would prefer to get paid to play gigs. Not that pay to play BS. I don't look like that picture I uploaded anymore, I got fatter because of my monthly anti-psychotic medication btw. So if you have a basic membership and can't initiate contact text me 9519023368 im friendly ? I would prefer to make a compositional duo or power trio live for more money..

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Apr 09 2019
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50 to 100
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2-3 nights a week
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Too many to name. Metal, rock, alternative, electronica, indie. NOT a big follower or fan of classic rock and country.

Here are some realistic examples of what type or music I want to play:

Tool,Helmet,Hum,Smashing Pumpkins,Bleach era Nirvana,Sunny Day Real Estate,Filter,Chevelle,Acid Bath,Down,Kyuss,Deftones,Interpol,White Zombie,Far,ATDI,Smile Empty Soul,Failure,Fudge Tunnel,Black Cobra,Stoner rock/Doom, Sludge rock, desert rock, Florida stoner metal like Floor,Cavity,Dove,Torche ect..

Something heavy mid tempo but not too downtuned (unlike Korn nor Djent - its not realistic unless I upgrade to a 5 string) BASSically Drop D high distortion guitar and with emotion. If the vocals are emo, the music has to be heavy alternative (not metalcore). I cant get into scene-core! Or obnoxious screamo!

Music I like but not realistic in making as a group:

Nine Inch Nails,Prodigy,Aphex Twin,dark IDM,Orgy,Deadsy,Stabbing Westward,The Beatles lol,Stuff with too much electronics ect..

Get the picture?

Instrument experience:

Rhythm Guitar:
Bass Guitar:
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Dean Edge 09 bass in EbAbDbGb tuning with hard interior case

Dean Marley K-30RX 30-40 watt practice amp. For guitar

A Strat-style 25.5"-scale First-Act electric guitar tuned CGCFAD

An Epiphone acoustic guitar. Brother never uses it. Paul McCarthy used one on Yesterday live

A Presonus Inspire firewire interface; no computer compatible with IEEE 1394.

A MXL condenser microphone; Need good XLR cable. Used before and works good, needs phantom power to be optimal.

Some pedals (compressor, distortion, noise suppressor) and 2 cables.

Alesis SR-16 drum machine in storage