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Right now I am open to God's leading. Serving the Lord and ministering to people is my goal.

The following is about my love for music and a test of my faith:

One of my first recollections of my music past was when I was very young and I sang my first solo. It was "Silent Night" and my audience was my grandmother and other members of my family. After this I recall my first few times singing in church. I was so nervous I occasionally cried before I finished.

At the age of 13, I started playing the guitar or at least trying to play. A very good friend of mine helped me and taught me some cords that he had learned from his dad. After struggling to learn but not owning my own guitar on Christmas my dad gave me his guitar. I was thrilled! It was a Harmony Spanish guitar. As time went on my confidence, with God's help, increased and I was able to sing and play in church without too much discomfort. My friend and I started a Christian band called "Revelation". We had two guitars, a bass player and a top notch drummer. Starting to play in churches we were having a blast. Then a problem... we found out there was already a group by the name of "Revelation". What to do? Being the bright young rock (Christian) musicians that we were we changed our name to... "Revelation 2" (how clever). After a year or so our fine band split up and the remaining members called our new band "Obadiah". We thought this name (from the Bible) was cool! This group did not last very long so I decided to go solo. Next I started singing regularly at a Christian coffee house in Lexington, Kentucky. God moved in my life and taught me much about people and their problems. In 1974 (I believe) I entered a music contest at a youth church camp. I sang a song I wrote and played guitar with another guitar player accompanying me. After I was done the MC said "a star was born". Talking about getting the big head! I was on cloud 9. On Friday that week they announced the winner. I WON!!! Yes, I thought I was a star!

In the early to mid 70's I got the opportunity to audition for Bill Walker. Mr Walker was the producer for Johnny Cash and Eddie Arnold. I borrowed a van, loaded up my equipment and headed for out for my BIG BREAK. As I arrived I took my guitar and asked the person at the front desk if I needed my PA system and they said just me and the guitar. I had moved up to an electric guitar which was a Gibson SG look alike. I bought my guitar and Sears amp for $200.00. Waiting for my chance, there were a few people ahead of me... then my name was called. This was my first time in a "real" studio and the people behind the glass asked me if I was ready. I said yes and began to play and sing. When I was finished, they said thank you and I would hear something in a couple of weeks after Bill Walker in Nashville reviewed the recording. I believe this was on Friday. On Monday I received a phone call and the man on the phone said Bill Walker would like to offer me a recording contract. I could not believe it. I was so excited. I was asked to return to the studio.

When I arrived back at the studio they asked me to sit down. They started a multi-track recording of myself. I listened and then came the contract. They said they would spend $100,000.00 and let me record two singles of their choice (not Christian songs). Bill Walker would produce the song and distribute them nationally. There was some discussion back and forth about what was expected. Some of the things they expected from me seemed at the time to be impossible for me to achieve. Compromises were expected... so after much thought and prayer I had to say no to my BIG BREAK. I was so disappointed. Something like this rarely happens and now it has passed me by... I have often wondered "What if???"

I have to believe now that it was God's will and his protection on my life that allowed this opportunity to pass. He saw that I would be compromising my values by singing secular music. But at the time I did not think this or understand. I may have ended up as many artists do, on drugs or worst. I don't know... only God does and it was in his hands. I was in his hands and I thank him for that.

In June of the year 1976 I sang at a small Kentucky Church and there in the congregation was a beautiful young lady. I was smitten by her beauty and fell in love. In December we were married and in April of 1977 we moved to Florida. God opened many doors for me in Florida. I got the opportunity to sing and play in many churches across the state, a convention, a local county fair, at a corrections facility ( I finally had a captive audience) and youth rallies, lead worship in a church and more.

In the late 70's I had surgery on my left wrist. This was bad as it affected by guitar playing and caused me pain when I played. I was forced to change my playing style. In 1978 we had a baby girl. I needed to pay off the hospital bill so I traded my car (a 1968 cherry apple red Camaro) for money and a 1976 Les Paul. I got a baby and a great guitar. In 1981 we had a baby boy. Life is good!

In 1989 we moved back to Kentucky. I continued singing but mostly at my church. A few years ago my singing came to a halt. I had surgery on my throat. Then after a hiatus of not singing and playing the guitar less and less, it was time to start back. I believe that if you don't use whatever talents God has given you, you will lose them. My throat hurt after I sang for a while and my range was not like it use to be. I started to get depressed. I thought my music life was over. I tried to sing in church again but I had to sing what I felt were "safe" songs.

Now jump to the present: My voice is 95% back and I'm loving playing a new self learned (with God's help) version of playing the guitar. Please pray for me that God will continue to heal my throat and will use me for his glory. I give the talent I have to him.

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I love contemporary Christian music.

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