Bass Guitar, Drums, Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar.


I have been playing various instruments for the past 6 years(Primarily guitar and bass) and at the suggestion of starting a band by my Father and other relatives I have decided to do so.
I intend for the band to at least write enough original material to fill an EP as well as for the band to play some local shows. although I would be completely satisfied with just jam sessions.

I also have experience repairing and building guitars,repairing tube amps, soldering, hosting/participating in jam sessions, and building effects pedals.

We have a dedicated practice space with recording equipment, drums, and amps setup.(also an upright piano tuned a half step down)

General requirements are as follows
- You must be able to arrive at practice sessions near the correct time when you say you can make it.(unless some unforeseen event prevents arrival).
- you must at least play well enough that you can keep up during practice/jam session.
- a way to travel to my house or anywhere else we keep equipment/practice would be convenient however it is not necessary if you live close enough.
-You must respect people and their equipment.

Interview sessions(for safety reasons) will be held in local music shops such as Lisenby's or Guitar Center or anywhere else that is public and would work.

If you are interested or have questions contact at the email listed below.
email: jacobteisco (google email)
( I do not have a premium subscription therefore I cannot send messages on bandmix)

Also I would like to recommend a few local bands.
Dasher (they were local)(currently Indiana)
Alcohol Prep (Montgomery)
visitor 9(Montgomery)
Sunshine factory (Huntsville)
colossus at best (Birmingham)

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Jan 26 2019
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Level of commitment:
Moderately Committed
Years playing music:
Tend to practice:
More than 3 times per week
Available to gig:
4-5 nights a week


Personal influences(favorites):
Sonic youth, Nirvana, Speedy Ortiz, System of a down, dinosaur jr, Pixies, She Makes War, Mudhoney, L7, Dresden Dolls, Pale honey, Rage against the machine, Amanda Palmer, Jimi Hendrix, velvet underground, The Breeders, Radiohead, Cage the Elephant, and Fugazi.

Instrument experience:

Rhythm Guitar:
Acoustic Guitar:
Bass Guitar:
Lead Guitar:


I have been fortunate enough to have multiple family members that have and still make music and are willing to lend me the equipment that we may need.

Most of the equipment in the studio is listed as follows

Guitar amps:
-Ampeg vl502 tube amp
-Soundtronics tube amp
-Ibanez tb100h amp
-Estaban 15watt practice amp

Bass amps:
-Acoustic b30 1x12 combo
-Behringer ultrabass 450watt
-Behringer thunderbird 15 watt (1x8)

Pa amps:
-130 watt Peavey monitor amp
-400 watt Peavey power amp (stereo or bridge modes available)

Recording, mixing, etc:
-Behringer eurorack mx2642a mixer (26 inputs, 4 buses)
-Tapco 6306 mixer (6 input)
-Tascam us-1641 Digital audio interface (16 input, 4 buses)
-A yamaha 4 track (good when it works)
-two reel to reel recorders (quarter inch tape)(really low quality recorders)
-A couple of tape decks spread all over the house.
-tascam monitor headphones
-dedicated computers

-Ampeg 4x12 300 watt (celestion green backs)
-mesa boogie 1x15 600 watt (carvin)
-peavey stereo chorus 400 watt 2x12 (scorpions)
-soundtronics 2x15 230 watt(JBL's)
-homemade 1x12 (celestion ten 30)
-2xShure vocal masters (1x10,2x8) 50 watts each (shure stock)
-2x Kustom pa (1x9) 60 watts each(very harsh mid scooped stock speakers)

-Shure sm57
-Shure sm58
-Ev n-d767
-4 various V-tech mics(not the toy brand)
-some more shure/radioshack mics
- mxl condenser mic
- Ev drum mic set(snare, 2xtom toms, kick, floor tom)
- a CAD snare mic
-2x shure snare mics

Effects pedals:
-Superfuzz clone
-univibe clone
-Digitech luxe
-dunlop crybaby wah
-Digitech istomp multi effects
-Zoom bass multi effects
-DOD stereo flanger
-DOD grunge pedal
-Ibanez sound tank flanger
-digitech multi chorus
-Boss chorus ensemble bass
-Ernie ball volume pedal

-6x acoustic guitars ( Alverez, Austin, Esteban, Ibanez)
-1x resonator guitar (Johnson)
-2x 12 string acoustic (ovation, Yamaha)
-4x electric basses (washburn, apollo, rogue, global)
-11x electric guitar (Ibanez, Crescent, Kay, squire, Epiphone, Series 10, Jackson, Washburn, Teisco, Peavey)
-fender mandolin
-kay banjo
-2x ukulele
-2x violin
-upright acoustic piano (tuned a half step down)
-Tama drumset (kick, 3 snares{1 stand}),2x tom toms, floor tom, sabian b8 14in hi hat, zildjian platinum rock crash 18in, sabian b8pro 18in medium crash, sabian b8 rock crash, sabian 10in splash.