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Beacon based musician looking to collaborate with others, and ultimately form a band. Interested in blues/blues based music. Checking things out. Seeing what can happen. Been at the guitar since 1975. That’s 46 years to learn something. I’m a professional with a day job... blah blah blah. But It doesn’t matter if the music gets made.

I’m somebody now! Check out jacobXblues, “Big Red Devil” on Pandora, You Tube, Spotify, Amazon Music and Apple Music.

The Supro 1 Watt amp was mic’d with a Sennheiser e609, against the cone, no effects. Nice mild crunch, and it imparts the PRS Vela semihollow used with a nice airy honkyness that works well in the mix. One rhythm track, one vocal, and a short solo... nothing else. The song was all recorded outside on my deck... on a Tascam DP-008EX recorder, exported and mixed in Garage Band. Really shows the vintage flavor of the amp and guitar. The solo was done in 2 takes because it was starting to get cold on the deck and was beginning to rain.

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Told with the best 5 performances in memory: 1. Stevie Ray Vaughn at Pier 84 in NYC... he looked tired, but the sounds... 2. Robert Cray at Pier 84 in NY. A great blues storyteller. 3. Joe Bonamassa at The Beacon Theatre. 4. Joe Satriani at the Capitol Theatre in Westchester. 5. Coco Montoya, seen at The Town Crier in Beacon.


Instruments: An assortment that all have a story. The two main Ladies: 1. 2014 Fender American Ash Dlx Strat w/ TV Jones Starwood pups. Blocked trem. Really dig the S1 switching. 2. PRS Vela S-2 Semihollow. Has a real complex yet meaty T-Armond style neck pickup that sings when driven.

Amps, real things with tubes.
1. Swart Atomic Spacetone w/ 12” Mojotone Spkr. 18-22 watt
2. Fender Pro Jr IV w/ 10” Jensen. 15 watts. Love my tweed.
3. Supro Delta King 8... 1 watt. Great little recording amp.


Keeley Verbo-trem, Swart Atomic Boost, Ditto looper, Ehx Crying Tone Wah, on order is a Line 6 M5 with Nektar expression pedal to fill in the gaps