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Original, creative artist, seeks percussion and others . For a rock, classical, soft, supple to hard edged, fusion type instrumental band. . Wanting to gig, tour , record. I have plenty of material and willing to collaborate with you. We will be artist sharing a canvas.
Equal creative effort with open honest communication is ideal.
I don't like to direct or create anybodies Parts for them . I also wont let anybody write my parts for me. If what we come up with works, it stays. If its not working .. try something different!.. I find that letting others be creative takes the music to amazingly unexpected and uncharted territories. We'll be flying under the experimental flag.

I'm looking for passionate, fearless , creative players, unfettered by preconceived roles for their instrument. Or limited to preconceived notions of what music is.

No "paint by numbers" players., who think music is just the written page. Imitation has its function in keeping the classics alive but Ive found these same folks to be quite perplexed at how the notes on the written page got there in the first place.
If your music can be reproduced by algorithm, please move on you've already been replaced .

If you know how music should sound or what its function, form, or structure should be... or if you think you know what people want to hear ....you're most probably wrong.

This will be a mutually beneficial, co-operative collaborative effort towards an end goal of creating, recording , performing.

If you feel compelled to ask me what my budget is for this project is, consider ... I'll put as much into it as the other folks I play with.
hired guns...... go get a gig with the "paint by numbers" guys!

all my samples are played solo, only me. Played live, some improvised , some not.
All one instrument, no overdubs, all one take.
Thank you

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Art , music, life. Consciousness, the standard model of particle physics. Quantum mechanics Quantum Field theory, Quantum Electro Dynamics, Quantum Chromo Dynamics, Information theory.
The holographic principle...
"Space-time is not fundamental, but an emergent feature of a deeper underlying reality that consists of information. "

"If you believe the Universe is made up of particles, you're wrong. The universe is made up of fields!'

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Six string fretless electric Bass.