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Been rockin' my drums for about 13-14 years now. Iv been playing in bands for 10 of those years and enjoy everything that goes into the band/music writing process. I have a pretty wide range of influences making me a fairly well-rounded drummer. I have studio experience and can play to a click-track if necessary. The last time I recorded with a band I cranked out 12 songs in one day, only taking about one to two takes on each song. You can learn more about me at my page: /jamin50

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Jamin B
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Mar 21 2006
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Mars Volta, The Roots, System Of A Down, Earth Wind & Fire, Tool, Outkast, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Dream Theater, Killswitch Engage, Primus, Rick James, Buddy Rich, Nas, Glassjaw.


DW 5-piece(8" tom, 10" tom, 14" floor, 24" kick, 12" snare) Laquer Specialty kit. Custom paint job(white to red burst), with black hardware. Also, all of my drums have built in Audix mics and my kick has a Beta 52 built in as well. My snare is a DW Maple shell(12") with a blue sparkle finish. My kit has a good mix of hardrock/metal fullness with a studio tight hip-hop feel. Sounds amazing live and in the studio.
Cymbals: 17" Zyldian Z Custom projection crash, 19" Z Custom projection crash, 21" Zyldian A Custom large bell ride, 6" and 8" Zyldian A Custom splashes, 14" Zyldian A Custom hi-hats, 18" Zyldian China.