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I need a new band, or jam group, or some hippies with bongos ... I dunno.
I haven't played in almost a month since I split with my last band and it is starting to bug me on some level I haven't measured yet. I don't know if I'm gonna find it here but after 3 glasses of wine I figured "Tell a moderate amount of people something vague and as thousands of people scroll past it some crazy fellow might answer on accident" . I play guitar ( much like everyone else ) but could sing at a moderate register. Frontmanship is not my problem is the smoking since I was 21 and since my world just turned the fuck upside down I'd be willing to quit smoking to get my old range back.
On the guitar front though I write Metally Proggy Stuff but I try and make it groove (yes this is possible). Sometimes its all groove and no prog but never all prog no groove. It's music I try and write to make people go "Fuck yes, this thing".
The problem is writing it all along doesn't really lend itself to being THAT awesome. Having a whole band with the ability to play it and tweak it and come up with their own stuff is what makes it a 'thing'. I don't want a band where I write everything. I also don't want a band where I just learn the shit and play it half asleep for your nephews bar mitzvah. As fun as that celebration is, playing Fly By Night is in 7 different ways is going to make me cranky.
I basically want best friends on the same musical wavelength as I am. I do not know if that exists but if it's there send me a message and rescue me!!
P.S. I am COVID aware and I know we aren't playing shows anytime soon. It's going to be a long while and while I want to play shows as much as the next feller I think this would be a good time to work on a world shattering (or at least locally shattering ... fk it shatter a pair of glasses or something) shenanigan. I'll be wearing a mask during initial meetings as I have the lungs of a potato and COVID is almost guaranteed to be a death sentence for me. So I won't demand anything of you but do keep that in mind. I do have various digital and DAW recordings of my brain handy if you wanna hear as it does have its ranges. No vocals as of yet. I can sing, just can't write lyrics.... that's why I learned instruments ????

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