Jason Paul Curtis


Band to Join, Vocalist, Vocalist - Soprano, Rhythm Guitar, Lead Guitar, Drums, Trumpet, Saxophone, Piano, Vocalist - Alto, Upright bass.


I’m just another dude who can play.
I'm polite. Honest and I don't waste time.
If we are a fit? I will dive in with you..
..and if we aren't?
I will move on with a handshake.
I play traditional Archtop jazz guitar mostly..i play solo gigs and I have done duets with other guitar players and horn players ..if you are a vocalist and you think you might be interested in the jazz idiom hit me up! I would love to back you like Ella Fitzgerald and Joe Pass or Tuck and Patti...I've been dreaming of doing that for thirty years!
I play solidbody guitar in the fusion genre.
I can play shred lead or rythm guitar in the metal genre..mainly straight thrash or old school death metal..

I play electric bass in blues, fusion and R&B genres..I can play soul and neo soul bass too..I don't have the right hand for playing guitar in these genres though.so bass it is!
I play saxophone too..I can read and play Tenor or Alto in your horn section.
I can sing quite well..and have sung lead as well as tenor and baritone in back up singer situations..
If interested hit me up and I'll come check out your scene!

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Jason Paul Curtis
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Oct 12 2018
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50 to 100
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More than 3 times per week
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Jazz Guitar-
Dr. Dave
Alan Joseph
Bobby Montoya
Johnny Smith
Kenny Burrell
Howard Roberts
Grant Green
Emily Remler
Lenny Breau
Tal Farlow
Joe Pass
George Benson
Jimmy Bruno
Tuck Andress

Metal Guitar-
Vernon Reid
Gary Holt
Paul Masvidal/Jason Gobel
Paul Gilbert
Jason Becker
Scott Ian

Fusion Guitar-
John Mclaughlin
Mike Stern
Garth Webber

Me'Shell N'Degeocello
Alphonso Johnson
Stuart Zender
Will Lee
Marcus Miller
Randy-Hope Taylor
Guy Pratt
Paul S. Denman
Julian Crampton
Billy Sheehan
Duck Dunn
Gary Willis

Wayne Shorter
Dave Liebman
"Blue" Lou Marini

Jazz Vocal-
Mark Murphy
Johnny Hartmann

R&B Vocal-
Teddy Pendergrass
Johnny Gill
Frankie Beverly
Jay Kay

Metal Vocal-
Erik "A K" Knudson
Mike Patton

Instrument experience:

Vocalist - Tenor:
Rhythm Guitar:
Lead Guitar:
Bass Guitar:
Vocalist - Baritone:
Upright bass:


It's like a paint box..you know?
You use whatever colors and brushes you need for the painting you are currently creating..

I guess to actually answer the question?

Jazz gets played by me mainly on a Heritage Golden Eagle.or a Gibson L5 (someday I'm gonna get a Super 400 though!) Through a pair of Crate G40's or a 1X15 Randall combo to approximate the "Wes through a Standel" sound..or a Fender Deluxe,Super or Twin Reverb.

Fusion or metal has usually been done by me on a Les Paul Custom. Or assorted Ibanez types..(both 6 and 7 string) i used to play metal on a Steinberger G4..and I'd like to find another one..or I will use other assortments of pieced together parts guitars I have built myself often with scalloped fretboards..some with Floyds..some hardtail..but never a Kahler.I usually play through Marshall’s. I also try to use a Crate Stealth if I can help it..I've never been able to "find my metal sound" with a Boogie amp..so yeah- Im basically a Marshall kid.

Bass has always been done by me with a Fender J bass..sometimes fretted, sometimes fretless..I have never played a P bass .in fact I'd just as soon use a Squire J bass over a Custom Shop P bass if you can believe that..I prefer Trace Elliott or SWR heads through whatever 4X10/ 1X15 cabs I have at the time ..but that being said? My electric bass work usually ends up being done through Ampegs. LOL

I have never owned a saxophone nicer than a Yamaha or a Conn to be honest ..I have never had a really hip horn like a Selmer MK VI or a Yannigasawa.
Maybe in the future if I win The Powerball! LOL..but my cheap horns do always have Selmer "C Star" mouthpieces..and I have been pleased with my sound.

I'll say this to you..
If you have read this far and "any of this rambling information" is of interest to you?

I will show up with whatever axe I need to play with you the RIGHT way..and that's that.

Thank you for your time!