Band to Join, Background Singer, Keyboard, Drums, Bass Guitar, Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Vocalist.


I'm 25 years old. Long hair, goofy looking. I play/wright/record music. I can play many styles, I just happen to specialize in the genre of Rock (Metal, classic rock, and all of the above). My main focus is Rhythm guitar, but I can play lead if need be. I mainly enjoy the sound of two-guitar (or more) harmonies in music. I like hard music with melodic progressions. I'm looking to either join a band who needs a guitarist, or looking to recruit musicians to start up a new band, whichever comes first. I'm very experienced in music performance, sound engineering,recording, and composing. I'm open-minded and a bit modest I guess. People compliment my playing all the time, but I'm never satisfied. I work well in a group and I don't try to "hog the spotlight." I'm not conceited and you'll never have to worry about me trying to step on your toes and "call the shots." That's not my personality.
Thank you for your interest.
Jason T. Curry

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Jun 07 2011
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Anything with a good, thick, heavy, melodic, and attractive sound...
I have hundreds of musical influences, so I won't bother listing them...


Guitars - Jackson Soloist, Jackson Kelly Pro, Ibanez RG Prestige, Ibanez RG 7-String, Alvarez 12-String Acoustic/Electric, Dean Guitars, Schecter C-1+, and MANY others.

Guitar Effects - Boss GT-10 Multi-Effects Processor, Roland GR-33 Guitar Synth Processor, Digitech Death Metal Distortion, Digitech Metal Master Distortion, DOD Grunge Distortion, Boss PH-3 Phase Shifter, Digitech RP400.

Guitar Amp - (Randall 400w full-stack)- Randall T2 400-watt head (Tube/Solid state hybrid), and two Randall XL 400-watt cabinets. Very powerful, very loud. Both the head and the cabinets contain XLR "mic-eliminator" outputs for recording or going into PA (As if it needs that.) So there's no need for micing the amps, because it has the microphones built in with the speakers, basically...

I also have a Fender Rumble 60 bass amp, but who needs that?
In my life I have owned over 30 guitars and have spent over $35,000 on musical equipment total...I guess I'm a bit obsessed...or nuts, if there's any difference... I either need a band to join, or musicians to join up with me and start a band, or I need professional help....