Rhythm poet/lyricist looking for a bass, shekere, flute, hand pan and/or some other indigenous instruments. I am an artists who runs out of boxes. I'm unique in that i'm a poet who can veer the musical landscape from reggae, calypso, hip hop, spoken word, blues to rocking out(sans heavy metal). My timing is good. My favorite artists are Lauryn Hill(lyricism, passion, authenticity), Bob Marley(lyricism, power & poignancy) & Fela Kuti(lyrical protest, soul freedom, stage presence, musical & verbal scatting, impromptu verbiage, operate with & in spirit). If u are a musician who've only work with singers, and need that only, i'm not for u. If you've worked with lyricist/poets/Mc's then we can go to heaven. If u a musician that operates by the book i'm not for u, but if u a musician that operates from organic soul music vibration, who gives the music space to be, breathe & do it's own math without u needing to control her formula, we in heaven again. Understandably staying in the pocket is essential but being good with allowing & having a 5 min song turn into a 20 mins song, lol, getting our Fela Kuti on, if u can vibe like that, holla! So if u willing to grow as a team, leaving ego in your bathtub, can show up on time, substance free, if u like herbs ok, just don't let it get in the way, if u ital like Bob Marley with it, we good! Respect...

text: 347 652 6390
Jendayi Ka

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Aug 03 2009
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