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I'm a singer-songwriter in the Orlando area (specifically located near the Florida Mall). In terms of experience, I'm completely an amateur having never fully recorded an album or played any paid shows. I've worked with other musicians infrequently, preferring to self produce. Although I've been playing the piano and writing songs since I was seven, my passion for music has only recently driven me to begin pursuing it as a life direction.

I am a fairly skilled ear pianist. I love improvisation and music theory, and I know my way around, although I'm not improvising free jazz or doing anything Radiohead level.

I am not really a guitarist although recently I have been attempting to learn. Guitar feels awkward for me and I'm still waiting for my playing to become fluent.

I have had two years of vocal training, have spot on relative pitch and good tone. My range is primarily baritone, although I can work in some tenor range, up to G# at least. I do gentle, clean vocals very typical of alt-rock and I can imitate most of the bands listed under my influences. I tend towards a somewhat Maynard James Keenan sound when not directing myself otherwise but I can pull off some grunge and rasp without any issue as well.

My primary role is as a songwriter and lyricist. I believe (as do many other fools) that I have interesting and important things to say to the world. I write lyrics with the aim to make them poetry, and compositions with the aim to make them art. I'm very interested in the flow of music and inventing atypical chord progressions. I like to make music that sounds unique and memorable and stands out from the three chord rock crowd.

I consider myself well equipped to be a frontman and a visionary force within a musical outfit, but I need to work with other people who have similar dreams.

I'm seeking anyone in my area who really loves music. Whether you play the guitar, or bass or drums, or maybe just the laptop, if you really want to make intelligent music and need someone to work with, I want to work with you. I would love to form a band, but I'm realistic in thinking of that as less than an immediate goal. With that said, if any bands call me, I'll be enthusiastic for the opportunity. I'm not looking for people who are refined musical geniuses or experienced industry professionals because I am neither of these things myself. I'm just a dude with ideas. If you want to hear my ideas, I'd like to hear yours too.

For demo reels, further information or anything else, call me, email me, skype me at satyrcynic. I can host get-togethers in my apartment and will gladly adjust my work schedule (yes, I am a Disney employee) in order to meet with you.

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I listen to Porcupine Tree, Radiohead and Tool religiously. I love new rock (Chevelle, Breaking Ben, Disturbed until the last two fu*king albums) for the most part, and I love metal (Opeth, Amon Amarth, Nightwish, My Dying Bride, Insomnium, Scar Symmetry, Symphony X). I like older rock if it's very creative (Genesis, some Stones, Doors, Zep). I listen to some electronic music, mostly obscure underground things. I'm a huge Aphex Twin fan. I hate top 40 radio music and my tolerance for it is wearing thin.

When I make music, I let all of the above and more influence me as much as possible.

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I have two functional guitars (one electric and one acoustic) neither of which are gig quality at all. I have a similarly piss poor miniamp. I have a fairly nice quality room mic (condenser, great for demo recordings), a large and very expensive tour quality keyboard and a laptop with Fruity Loops.

In other words, I don't have much. As stated, I'm very new to this. I'm also not a rich kid, so I won't be buying new equipment anytime soon.