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Hey If you are a Christian and enjoy playing hard rock music and want to take your music serious then lets start a band. I am 24yrs old and would prefer if you were within a decade of my age. I Play guitar, either rhythm or lead and I sing. In the nine years I have been playing guitar and before, I have been writing original songs. Im looking to find a bass player, and rhythm or lead or both guitarist to start a Christian hard rock/screamo Band. If you can sing or scream its a plus. It looks like its going to be me and a drummer here shortly. Dont think that I am going to want the music to always be my way and my stuff. I want other musicians that are creative and can bring their own songs, compositions, and ideas to the table. the band wouldn't be about me it would be about all of us using our passions to encourage others and being a band that parents wouldn't have to be worried about what their kids are listening to. So if you haven't guessed yet i hope to make this serious and so dedication and time would be a must. Dont feel incompetent or write me off immediately because you think we wont be able to work together. Lets make contact, talk and try playing together and then if we feel like its not going to work out lets say so then, not when you finish reading this ad. About my skills, Ive played guitar for nine years and so am fairly experienced. i can play acoustic, rhythm electric, lead electric guitar, bass, and I have been working on my drumming skills. Ive got a lot of equipment, PA, guitars, drums, pedals, amps,.. ive got a lot of stuff. And before too long im going to have a pretty nice place that we can practice. If you have your own pro gear that would be sweet, but as for now we could try and work with what you/we have got. So if your interested check out my page to get a feel of me and some of my music ive recorded. ./jessemallenband Then if you want to feel free to contact me. 636 933 9787 jesseallenone

Just in case I have not made some things clear about what your personal requirements would be.
They are you must be a Christian, I am not concerned about denominations or personal interpretation of the Bible but, it is important you believe that Jesus died for you on the cross and you are seeking to live out a godly lifestyle.
Second is Dedication, If you say you are going to be part of the band then you must strive to be at every practice (2x weekly), at every gig, and willingness if we were to be in a position to tour, to take part in the traveling tours.
Third is Seriousness, there is definitely a place to have fun and a place to be serious. I have no doubt we will have plenty of times to goof off but also moments when we will have to buckle down and focus on what needs to be done.
The fourth and final is Contribution, I understand every one is at a different place financially but it would be important that when needs arose for better or proper gear we would all be willing to contribute financially and also our time. Playing in a band can be so much fun and exhilarating but if we dont give up of our time things wont happen and as a band we wont grow.

I really hope that all of this hasn't scared you away. I know it can be kind of hard to contact someone about something like this but, if you really want it you and I will do what it takes to make things happen. Have a great day and I look forward to hearing from my future bandmates. Late! -Jesse Allen

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some of my influences would be underoath, breaking benjamin, kutless,


ive got a whole bunch of gear