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Band to Join, Vocalist, Bass Guitar.


The band Sell Out is looking to add a few new members. Were looking for a quality lead vocalist. Guitar or percusion is a plus. If your a good front person with the ability to sing many genres give us a shout.
Were also thinking of adding another guitarist. Rhythm guitar and acoustic with vocals, as well as some lead abilities is a plus. with vocals is a plus. I get along with other guitarist well!
We can be reached by text at 859-814-4433. Please text only please during the week. We can also be reached by email at jrpj24.

We are a high powered, High energy band. We practice and rehearse hard so we hit our marks and put on a great show!
We cover many genres from the 60`s to the present.
Different venues call for different songs, we have the ability and we mix it up and we do!
R&R, Classic Rock, SKA, Funk and others. Whatever it takes and whatever the show calls for!
We currently have a 2 piece Horn Section, Drummer, Guitar and Bass. We all sing, three/four part harmonies are high on our list and, again, we do it well. We all play many parts and do it well. Again we work hard at practice and rehearsal so our shows are right and tight..

Were looking for quality and talented musicians who share our love of music and putting on the fantastic show! The right persons should be free to Practice or Rehearse once to twice a week and do a minimum 4 shows a month.
Clubs - Corporate Events - Weddings - Private and Social events - Festivals.
Were currently booked thru May 2019.
We do play some bars but we are NOT a bar band!
We have a nice practice/rehearsal place, 750sq ft, only a few miles off I-275 in the Ft. Wright/Independence area.

We are all talented hard working musicians that do our homework and come to practice, rehearsals and shows well prepared. We are looking for like minded persons!
We are all fun loving musicians and entertainers but we take our music serious, we come to practice and rehearsal ready and work very hard for upcoming events.
Playing many different types of music and doing different type shows, we work very hard to make sure we are ready for whatever the phone calls bring.

Contact me for a song list and an audition anytime at 859-814-4433

Myself, I`ve been a working musician for over 30 years. I`m an accomplished guitarist in Metal, Hard rock, Classic Rock, Southern rock, Blues, and yes even Country!
I`ve played in working bands since the early 80s. I travled with two different working bands up and down the east coast from Maine to Miami and most all the southern states. I landed in the St. Pete/Tampa area where I stayed 9yrs playing in all the best clubs at night on weekends while playing solo acoustic shows at all the beach bars from St. Pete to Clearwater. I've made my living playing my guitar and singing! Since moving back to the tri-state area and putting together Sell Out Im very happy! I enjoy playing with all these guys. They're all fun to be around and know what it takes to play great music and put on a great show. Everyone is very talented at their craft and we all work very hard doing our homework and making sure we are 100% ready at show time! We all have a job to do and do it well. There's two reasons we work so hard, one is Respect for our bandmates and the second is so we earn the best money and play the best places. This makes playing a pleasure! Good music, fun, good money, limited travel and doing what we love, entertaining people! If this is what your after, then get in touch with us. Were currently booking as were are, but were always looking to be better...

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I grew up in a musical family. The sound of music filled our home while I was growing up. I cant remember a time when music wasn't being played throughout our home! My father, grandfather, uncles and cousins all played music in working bands and some still do. My grandfather (Porter Phillips) played the Grand Ole Opry, the old Ryman auditorium, the Midwestern Hayride, Renfro Valley and live performance on radio here in Cincinnati. I wasn't the first in our family to play rock and roll but I was the first to play heavy metal. Man was I the black sheep lol. I grew up playing country & western as a young child but as I grew into a teen I widened my talent by playing all the British rock, blues, southern rock and on into 70`s-80`s Hard Rock and Metal. The Heavy Metal Big Hair 80`s with bands like, Sabbath-Dio-Priest-Zepplin-Deep Purple-Rainbow-Triumph 4and others formed who I am as a Guitarist.. But the country licks still come out lol

From the late 80`s to early 90`s country music was on an up swing and making huge waves (and Paying Good) so I played that for several years up and down the east coast from Maine to Miami.
I`ve also traveled playing classic and hard rock in bars and clubs all through the Midwest, east coast and most the southern states.
I`ve played in working bands doing just about every genre and type of music, from Metal, Classic Rock, R&B, Southern, Blues and yes even Country and a little Bluegrass!

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As a guitarist of 40+ years, I have a lot of guitars and equipment! My main rig is a Peavey Classic 50w 4/10 and a EVH which I A/B and use both on stage. I also have a classic 30w, JCM900, Fender Deluxe Tweed Twin. Strat`s, Tele`s, Les Paul`s, Shure Mic's Beta 58`s - 57 Condenser 86 and 87a which I use on stage and recording. 12 to 32 channel mixers, power amps, monitors mains. And much more. I have what it takes to play most venues in the tri-state.