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Listen to these tracks and then you will hear what I can do.If you liked what you heard with this group,...thats what i do.. and this is the type of talent im looking for....Do you think your group is ready to take on a manager, maybe a producer,engineer.. My name is Joe Mendyk, and I am a recording engineer and producer with over thirty five years experience at professional studios and touring with some bands with major labels throughout the United States. I have worked with a broad range of bands and musicians from first timers to established major label artists such as XYZ plus many others. Currently my associates and I work mainly out of two facilities in northwest Connecticut, JAGUAR MUSIC and SONIC HOUSE POST. The combined assets of these two studios allow us the flexibility to do world class work in tracking, mixing and mastering in both analog and digital domains.
We actively search for clients who show creative and musical abilities which are significantly above average. When we hear someones recording that we think is worth taking a second look at we contact them and offer our services if we feel that we can substantially improve the product. We actively search for clients who's writing
and stands out as being among the very best of the material that we have reviewed. We asses the songs or work we audition would benefit considerably from serious professional recording, mastering- a step which is often overlooked. Many projects suffer from not having been mastered or- worse yet - having been badly mastered by someone using one of the bargain basement "one size fits all" programs that are widely used today.
We are sufficiently experienced in this area to be able to make an unusual "no risk" offer to a select number of talented music professionals like you. If you contact us and send us one of your songs(preferably mixed but not mastered)we will-at no cost- master a segment of the song for you(usually one verse and one chorus) and send it back for you to audition. If you like what you hear, we can then discuss what it would cost for us to fully master that selection and any others you might like to have us work on. On average- assuming there are no issues requiring extreme forensic work- it costs between $400.00-$600.00 to master an entire CD of material. Every project is unique, but on the strength of your material we are prepared to do the initial work on one song at no charge in order to demonstrate just how much your project could benefit from our skills and the unique inventory of high end audio gear at our facilities.
We also do a lot of re-mixing and would be happy to speak with you about a "mix and master" package deal; but you have to take the first step and contact us. You may go to Bandmix and our website to check us out at .JaguarMusic. Here you will find additional photographs, principle bios, and some streaming downloads of our work.The first four songs that I have on bandmix here provide an example of our work in recording,mixing and mastering a talented group from France pending a record deal.
Please feel free to contact me by phone or email if you have any questions or wish to discuss our work in greater detail. Creative and performing abilities are increasingly rare commodities in this day and age, so even if you choose not to take advantage of our offers at this time, we'd like to say "Well done" and encourage you to keep up the good work.
Joe Mendyk
Engineer/ Producer/Consultant
Jaguar Music/MARS{Machine Age Recording Systems}

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On my home page under MUSIC are four samples of recent work (2010) done in collaboration with Gary Fulton at Sonic House Post.I produced,recorded,mixed and helped mastered this group.

I'm also looking to produce and manage pro bands that play out on a professional level and are interested in securing a recording contract or just to make the group so much better in a shorter time period.If you think you have something that might get over me ill come out and hear you.. In the past I have worked with many great producers in my studio like DANIEL REY (producer writer of the RAMONES)DAN HARRISON,GARY FULTON just to name a few.I also played with some well known groups and toured through out the USA with NOVA,THE WARLOCKS etc. We did some major tours across the US with CHRYSTAL HORSE and THE WARLOCKS while signed to DECCA (USA)and RADIO ACTIVE RECORDS(UK). At that time DECCA RECORDS had only two groups signed, NOVA, and THE WHO. We toured opening up for Frank Zappa, The Yardbirds and Grace Slick concert with JEFFERSON AIRPLANE. [see photo in profile: GRACE SLICK and our tour manager and myself(me with the long hair).

I toured with other national acts before beginning a long career as
a recording engineer and producer. [for more info you can google Joe Mendyk and check out the sites that come up]. If you think you have what it takes, shoot me an email. Let me hear what you got,(demo, CD, etc) and we'll take it from there. Make certain to have your original material copyright protected before sending it out anywhere.I might be interested in hearing your group live also.let me hear what you got.Then youl know where you stand..

I also offer production services at reasonable rates and while I prefer to work out of Jaguar Music or Sonic House Post, I can come to any studio within reasonable traveling range of my area, near WATERBURY area.

If your looking for a killer CD...I can come to your studio and help you get the sounds your looking for from your session or you can come to our state of the art studios in CT.Im also noted for recording great sounding drums.(real drum kit)no need for samples..if this is what your material may need,I might be just the person your looking for to help you get a powerful pro quality CD. Then,if you want, I can also take these tracks to a great sounding studio and mix and master the tracks you already have recorded at your home studio .Presently im working with DAN HARRISON and GARY FULTON at JAGUAR RECORDING STUDIO and SONIC HOUSE POST(Two killer studios)in CONN. If your planning to record a cd let me know,Contact me (no fee just to talk and plan your recording project.I do have the experence and also might be able to help your group land a record deal...I worked at CHELSEA Recording Studio in NYC for some of my training and experence.Cant get much better than that, working first hand with producers,engineers who already had major hit albums out there.

many styles, some country rock,blues,originals some covers,soft and hard rock,metal like OBSESSION I recorded and mixed(both albums)..I like it all. Look, im not here to judge you and your music.Im here to see if your group and materal would interest a record company,maybe with a little help from me we could bring the best out of some of your material.. Let me hear what you got.Perhaps you might have some really good talent and songs that you dont even know you have.(original music)but will listen to all.Some of the songs on bandmix are better than what i hear on the radio,etc.So what do you expect from me?(your the artist,you paint the picture and my job is to add the frame around it, dress it up a little, like its ready to be displayed, viewed and sold. Im not going to tell you what i dont like about your group..Ill tell you what I might like about your material. I do have the experence in the music buss,Ive got several groups record deals including my own groups.It all starts when the right person(s)hears you and takes it from there..If you might be interested and want to now more ill be pleased to talk to you.. call or leave me a message here.It could be one of the first steps you take in the right direction. Phone# 203. 987. 8240 or cell# 860 484 1333 or E mail me at....bro12871 .....Im still a independent producer,manager and recording engineer and I offer these services to all who might want my advice.


(guitar lessons)...If you are a local guitarist I also play and love teaching guitar..Takeing lessons can improve and advance your playing skills by years in a shortest amount of time.Contact me for more info........I might be interested in playing with the right rock group if you are heading in the right direction for a possible record deal .........Some groups on this site have that very special something that clicks and makes them stand out from some others.(some groups might not even know if they have that song or style that record labels are looking for.Just for the record Ive heard some groups(and im sure theres many more that have that talent on bandmix)I think with the right people they could be on their way to landing a record deal,(just my opinion) but I do have that experence that some people dont have . I know I can pick the talented groups,You check out these groups your self, thats the type of talent im looking for. For example...(BALANCE) from Alabama.ID#31311(sounds like they have been working with a producer/engineer already.Great recorded CD and engineering work.Talented group with the right touch. (Sometimes it pays to have a good producer)....(Brickshy),another talented group on Bandmix.,Nice style playing and writeing.There from ST Louis Mo..(Id #287540)/.Check them out, these groups have it together They have a great thing going and with a little help I know they can land a record deal from what ive heard and felt.. Checkout.ANDREWAWSOME, from Virginia#313088/ THE SHEAVES (Tenn. Id#281941/They have what some of the other groups dont have at this time ...good luck guys,keep your materal going in the direction your headed in...The groups I listed here is just an example of the types of talent I am seeking.If you think you could hold my attention for at leased 45 seconds of your song,Send me a message and I can tell you if I hear something that may interest a label. You will never know until the right person hears you. You have nothing to lose,I think i made that clear..... Thanks for reading this......joe mendyk...