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Joseph W. Couture
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I seek employment in your organization as an employee or independent contractor.


I play guitars, clarinets, flutes, and saxes proficiently and teach and play all other instruments. I have taught at various music stores and independently around the country for over 35 years. I have been a working musician for over 38 years and after college I worked for national and international acts such as Barbara Mandrell, Ricky Skaggs, The Forester Sisters, The Whites, Minnie Pearl, The Blazer Brothers, etc. through World Class Talent in Nashville, TN. In between music jobs I also worked for several temp agencies and even learned to operate a Lull Hi-lift, backhoe/front end loader, and Case bobcat at a major construction firm. I moved to Saint Petersburg, Florida and for twelve years taught independently and worked for various bands at several tourist attractions on the beaches. I also worked at my second love, computers, during that time and produced over 2000 computers for The Home Shopping Network. For the past eight years I have been living here in Chicago working independently from my home as a private music teacher and for Muzicnet School of Music. I also spent three years playing and doing musical arrangements for Christian Life Center, a church in Tinley Park, spent a few months delivering spices around Chicago land, and worked for six months in 2000 at the Chicago Tribune as a computer helpdesk person when I first moved here.


January 2001 Independent Music Teacher, Musician Chicago, IL
to Music Teacher, Musician
I am currently working as an independent music teacher at my home as well as working for Muzicnet School of Music since 1983. I do occasional gigs for weddings, birthday parties, church functions, etc. I am also writing a combination music instructions book for practical theory, home recording, MIDI implementation, and a practical methodology for those instruments typically used in modern American music for TV, radio, and music recording.

June 2000 Chicago Tribune Chicago, IL
to Computer Helpdesk
2000 I worked at the famous Chicago Tribune as a computer helpdesk person during a software changeover through a placement agency. My duties included working with the reporters and the rest of the staff to maintain their computers and answer any questions relating to the new software change. The change was a custom program created specifically for the Tribune that was based on Microsoft Word but was modified for use by the reporters and staff. They were going to hire me full time but after 9/11 there was a hiring freeze and eventual downsizing.
January 1996 Montgomery Ward Saint Petersburg, FL
to Computer Systems Operator
October 1999
I began working for a division of Montgomery Ward called The Signature Group that was a combination call center and customer service center. I was in charge of the upkeep of about 200 computer stations located in the facility as well as being the liaison between the I.S. department in Chicago and the managers, quality control personnel, and supervisors located at the facility. I would receive raw data from Chicago (Schaumburg) and convert this into a usable report using Excel, Word, etc. Also I would get downloaded scripts for the telemarketers and disseminate, store, and catalogue these for the supervisors, managers, and quality control personnel. At this time I was still teaching and working as a musician.

September Independent Music Teacher, Musician Saint Petersburg, FL
1987 Music Teacher, Musician, Computers
December In 1987 I moved to St. Petersburg Florida and began working with a friend from college to convert an
1995 electronic parts distributorship into a computer manufacturing and sales outlet. We succeeded in doing so and one of our first major clients was The Home Shopping Network, which was known as The Home Shopping Club at that time. We sold over 2000 computers priced at $1195 in less than one month! After that I became the customer service rep and technician to handle the upgrades to those computers and others we had sold around the world as well as any repairs. I still have a wonderful letter of commendation from a lawyer who purchased one of the computers who I helped to add a second hard drive over the phone. I was still working as an independent music teacher with over 100 students as well as a musician playing with various bands mostly on the beaches at tourist attraction areas.

November Independent Music Teacher, Musician Nashville, TN
1985 Music Teacher, Musician
August 1987 During this time I was an independent music teacher and musician. I also worked for several temp agencies and ended up working for a major construction contractor on a $30 million dollar housing and condominium project as a Lull Hi-lift, front-end loader/backhoe, and Case “bobcat” operator right before I left Nashville.

August 1985 United States Department of Defense Nashville, TN
to Musician
October 1985 I worked overseas for two and a half months in Germany, Austria, Italy, Egypt, and Israel for the DOD entertaining the troops in various camps and military installations with a band from Nashville, TN. During this time I carried the rank of E-12, but this was strictly for pay and security clearance purposes. This was both the most fun time of my life, getting to travel while getting paid to do something I love around Europe and the Mediterranean, and also somewhat frustrating as our equipment was stolen from the Philadelphia airport on the way over there and it took a little while to get replacement gear.

June 1983 Odessa Nashville, TN
to Musician, Musical Director
July 1985
This was the first band I was in two days after being in Nashville, TN. The band was signed with Grady Martin, the studio and live guitar player for a host of country stars such as Willy Nelson, Merle Haggard, etc. For two years we played in and around Nashville.

September C.A. House Music Wheeling, WV
1978 Private Music Teacher
May 1983 I began teaching here as the result of a recommendation from my guitar teacher in college. I usually carried about 40 students while going to college full time and playing with various bands.

June 1971 Various bands and solo performances Woodsfield, OH
to Musician
May 1983
Starting at age 12 I began playing with various adult bands around my hometown. I played typically three nights per week making about $75 per week all the way through high school. Pretty good pay for that time in the early 70’s for a kid! I also played for my Junior and Senior Prom as well as several school dances and functions. My father approached me only one time to ask if I really liked doing what I was doing. I told him I loved it! His only comment was that as long as I kept up with my school work and didn’t get into trouble he guessed it would be O.K. I was surprised because I wasn’t even allowed out of my yard until I was 11! I never let him down and he never said another word about it.


August 1977 West Liberty State College West Liberty, WV
to Bachelor of Arts -5hours, GPA: 3.0
1982 By taking extra classes, mainly in the performance area of music, I ended up with 159 ½ credit hours. Enough for a Masters! Unfortunately, the college was very small and the state of West Virginia has a Board of Regents that determines the curriculum for all of its state colleges. This, in combination with the fact that the teachers that I needed to complete my last two classes (5 hours worth) went on sabbatical that year, led to me not completing my Bachelors. My plans were to finish it up in Nashville but when I checked the colleges there wanted me to take 60 hours! (two years of school) I was resigned to do that but started working and making more money than I would have with my degree. I may one day finish.


I am in the process of completing a book that is a combination practical theory, recording, MIDI implementation, and methodology for most instruments. It will be geared for modern music teachers as well as future musicians, music teachers, and performers.


My interests include my 22 grandchildren, 11 children, wife, biblical research, history, comedy, and the integration of music and computers especially with regard to home recording and live performance.

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Fender Strat, Line6 POD and pedalboard, Crate G212 amp, Shure 58, 2 mic stands, Alesis MidiVerb, very small but powerful PA speakers, old 1500 watt peavey power amp, EQ, Yamaha 4 track for small 6 channel mixer, Korg i5S workstation keyboard/stand, Alto Sax, Bb Clarinet, Open Hole C Flute with extra B foot, Trumpet, Recorder (the instrument), Violin, Dulcimer, Bala Laika (triangular Russian 3 stringed banjo-like instrument), Cakewalk - Band In A Box Home PC based recording, I teach music for a living and am looking for some SERIOUS side gigs. Prefer Christian but have no problems working with SERIOUS PROS OR NON-PROS ALIKE.