Joshua Simpson


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Friends, Coloradans, Musicians, lend me your ears. My name is Joshua David Simpson, I am a rock guitarist, bassist, keyboardist, and tenor singer from South Dakota. I am a freshmen at CSU. Don't let that deter you my friend. I own a professional rig, can transport it myself, and am available to meet/practice/gig 3-5 times a week. I am a connoisseur of 1965-85 rock and roll and early heavy metal. I look the part of a 70s rock musician, and have developed an impressive stage presence/rapport through the many bands I have performed with at home. I'm looking for 3-4 other musicians to fill out a band with. Most immediately I'm looking for a drummer influence by 70s drummers who can hold it down, bring it when necessary, has a rehearsal space, can transport their own rig, looks the part, and can sing backing/lead vocals similar to Roger Taylor or Ringo Starr.I'm looking for a co-lead guitarist, and bass player with similarly impressive attributes. I'm looking to start a 70s rock and roll cover band Ala Queen, Led Zeppelin, and Judas priest. in addition to the cover band aspect, we would also concurrently write original music, with song writing, and lead vocalist duties being open to everyone in the band.

~~~~~fellow musicians, if this interests you, drop me a line and we can jam to test our personal rapport and musical compatibility! CHEERS!

Screen name:
Joshua Simpson
Member since:
Aug 26 2019
Active within 24 hours
Level of commitment:
Very Committed
Years playing music:
Gigs played:
10 to 50
Tend to practice:
More than 3 times per week
Available to gig:
2-3 nights a week
Most available:


Ten Favorite bands:
1. Queen
2. led zeppelin
3. Judas Priest
4.The Beatles
5. Dream Theater
6. Pink Floyd/Roger Waters
7. Black Sabbath/ Randy Rhodes and Jake E Lee era Ozzy
8. The Who
9. Van Halen
10. Genesis

Five favorite Guitar Players
1. Yngwie Malmsteen
2. Brian May
3. Randy Rhodes
4. Eddie Van Halen
5. John Petrucci

Five Favorite singers
1. Freddie Mercury
2. Rob halford
3. John Lennon
4 Robert Plant
5. Roger Waters

Five favorite Bass Players
1. Steve Harris
2. Jon Paul Jones
3. John Entwistle
4.Geezer Butler
5. Roger Waters

Five favorite keyboardists/organists/Pianists
1.Jordan Rudess
2. Richard Wright
3. Jon Lord
4. Freddie Mercury
5. Tony Banks

Five favorite Drummers (even though I don't play drums)
1.Roger Taylor
2.John Bonham
3.Alex Van Halen
4.Bill Ward
5.Phil Collins

Instrument experience:

Rhythm Guitar:
Lead Guitar:
Acoustic Guitar:
Background Singer:
Vocalist - Tenor:
Bass Guitar:


1. Ibanez Rg
2. Strat Copy
3. Fender Branded Classical Guitar

1. John Petrucci Wah
2. TC Electronics spark boost
3. Boss Noise gate
4. TC Electronics Flash Back
5. TC Electronics Poly tuner

Roland Fa06

1. Black Jackson Bass

Microphones ~~~ I have three decent dynamic mic and one condenser mic

1. Mesa Boogie Mark V
2. Marshal acoustic/ vox amp

1. more than enough guitar related cables
2. more than enough xlr cables
3. several mic stands

Costumes~~~ my friends I have many 60s, 70s, and 80s inspired costumes to fit any situation.