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Yup, we are at some kinda milestone we have 40 wins or more at Ourstage dot com from Top 40 wins, we are at also TexttBand dot com ... (the dot is a period that may not show...) These here songs are like a demo or short songs that may have a beginning and end... 'Country Star' is about 'aint giving up and practice guitar' and become a Celebrity in Tennessee... We have a saying ''We ain't perfect but we're Comedians''... so if its a 'little pitchy' its all new songs and we ain't heard before, we are searching for best vocal pitch though...

There should be NO PROFANITY, NO EXPLICIT_NO_BAD WORDS... If there is a explicit version please tell us because we NEVER released any bad mouthed words version, even IF we are COMEDIANS... This site should be for family that likes to sing and play guitar... and sing with no_swearing, no_cursing of bad mouthed words...

Bands have to be authorized to sing our songs and have to abide by our conditions that is family oriented... etc etc etc...

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Ten dollar rhyme book is a good influence AND Being in a Country Band, playing guitar or bass AND entering Country Contests helped in writing songs...

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texttband (texttband dot com)



Guess equipment used for above?

We don't endorse any brand name at this time, and our rank order of musical instruments in our country band goes like this our opinion is if you want to be in a country band or write country: buy the best guitar you can afford, cheaper guitars may have the action way up and not sound as good and more likely to give up (you might need to adjust the action) other choice is to buy a bass guitar if you're starting out because it may be easier (just look at the guitar players 5 and 6th strings) other choice is to have a keyboard with a least a country sound...if you're drummer see above for our opinion, however we may be looking for a drummer for performances...

We may be moving and might want to sell our pro equipment so inquire...