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We are Folk Latin Rock Polka Gypsy Prog Billy Goat Musicians preserving the age old tradition of storytelling with the prowess of modern day bards seeking to roundup the rightful carnies to complete our musical freak show.

Our music are mostly high energy lyric driven with unorthodox chord progressions and guitar patterns often resembling the Nihon-Jin-Spaghetti-Western-Twang in Tarantino films, written and sung by a fallen reverend, the "Bard from the Psych Ward" loosely based on real life characters that are living, dead, and fabricated.
We intend to use everything we have in our arsenal to capture our modern day storylisteners with our grandiloquent melodic narratives accompanied by a drum and bass driven musical score and with the guaranteed trance from our stage theatrics and performance.
Copy and Paste h t t p s://m./watch?v=hR3WzKhRTGk to see live footage of the carnies.
We've done it before. We'll do it again. We are The Squaaares.

Hereâ??s the JOB BOARD:
1. Energizer Bunny Drummer. Bunny costume not required. Dynamic Stage Presence Required. Ability to improvise dramatic-creative fills to smoothly transition into a different genre, style, and/or tempo. Drumming must amplify the mood and setting of the "stories" as they progress.
2. Lead Guitarist. Required Skill: Master Tremolo Picking, Knowledge of Scales adaptable to Gypsy Latin and Rockabilly Styles and Dynamic Stage Presence.
3. Fiddle, Accordion, Banjo, or Other Ethnic Specific Instrument. At least Intermediate Skill Level. Able to contribute to the musical score with their unique sound without being overwhelmingly redundant. We want you to be subtle but gangster.

Contact us squaaares at g mail dot com with the subject "I AM A (Whatever You Are)". Tell us why you think you can pass off as a carny then paste a link to your live performance video.

We hope to hear from you soon.
-Judy Swears

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We have a wide range of artists that influenced us as musicians, from metal to ska, mariachi to punk, rockabilly to freak folk, you get the picture. We just happen to pick the best traits and skills in every artist that we came across and inadvertently created a Frankenstein. If you are reminded of Bob Dylan, Peggy Lee, or *gulp* Takeshi Terauchi, or any artist you can think of because of our music, that's because we chose to continue their legacy.

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Band Members are required to have their own gear, transportation, and housing.

Band Members may have the option to contribute to the development of the music or lyrics or to be directed how their parts shall be done for future copyrighting purposes.