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Julius Nasso’s film resume alone would help him stand out from the crowd and let his supporters know about his incredible efforts and achievements. He has worked to produce a variety of blockbusters and noted spaghetti western films with master director Sergio Leone.

Julius Nasso's career, however, did not begin in film production. In 1974, while he was still in school pursuing his Bachelor of Science degree from St. John’s University, Julius founded Universal Marine Medical Supply Co. This company would eventually grow to offer medical supplies to companies around the world. In 1976, Julius would graduate with his Bachelor of Science degree in pharmacy.
From there, he went on to pursue his advanced Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the University of Connecticut. Pursuing his doctorate alone, however, was not enough of a challenge for this experienced, talented entrepreneur. In 1977, Julius partnered with college professor Dr. Satish Patel to form Tishcon Corporation. Tishcon is one of the nation’s largest private labeling vitamin and health supplement manufacturing plants and continues to grow in size.

After meeting Steve Ross, in 1980, Julius continued to pursue his career in pharmaceutical distribution, but took a further step in his career: he accepted a position as personal assistant to director Sergio Leone, who would open the door to his film production career. Under Leone, Julius had the opportunity to work on the New York portion of Once Upon a Time in America (1984). He also had the chance to participate in the development of In God’s Name and St. Peter’s Banker. In order to further his understanding of the field, he pursued further education at Cinecitta Studios in Rome, Italy, attending courses and seminars in film production.

Julius's next venture was as Head of International Promotions for the action film Above the Law (1986). From there, his partnership with Warner Brothers Studios was born, ultimately leading to an impressive list of film credits.

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