Jungle Room Studios


Studio Recording Equipment

Trident Trimix (32-channel, 16-bus with TT patchbay) with custom-made Acopian power supply housed in a desk designed and made by Omnirax
Ampex MM 1200 24-track, 2-inch analog tape recorder
Sony APR 5003 2-track, ½-inch analog tape recorder
Otari MTR 10 2-track, 1/4-inch analog tape machine
Universal Audio Model 2-610 microphone preamplifier, Model LA-610 microphone preamplifier/compressor
UREI LA-4 compressor
dbx 566 dual-vacuum tube compressor, 1046 Quad compressor/limiter, 1074 Quad gate
Eventide Eclipse, GTR 4000 Ultra-Harmonizer, H3000
Lexicon PCM 70
Anthony DeMaria Labs 1500 stereo tube compressor/limiter
Purple Audio MC-77 limiter
Alesis ML-9600 Masterlink
Dolby Labs A-Type Model 361 (pair)
Event Studio Precision 8 monitor pair
Yamaha NS-10M studio monitors
Auratone Monitor Cubes
Crown XLS 402
Tascam DAT DA-40
Neutrik patchbay
Antares ATR 1 Vocal Auto-Tune
Furman AR-1215 line voltage regulator, PL-8 power conditioner and light modular
SE Gemini II dual valve microphone, RT1-Ribbon tube microphone
AKG D112 large-diaphragm microphone, C 418 drum condenser microphone
Shure KSM137 condenser microphone, SM57s
Electro-Voice RE20 cardioid dynamic microphone
Sennheiser MD-421 professional microphone
Beyerdynamics M160
AKG C 1000S microphones
Neumann TLM 49
AKG BX20E1 Vintage Reverb

'78 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe Gold Top with two custom-wound Seymour Duncan mini Humbuckers
Guild Acoustic DCE 1 guitar with custom L.R. Baggs
Dual-source microphone pick-ups
'58 Gibson Flying V Korina Wood
Gibson Les Paul Classic Sunburst fitted with Seymour Duncan pearly gates and Duncan distortion pickups
1995 Custom Gibson Lucille ES 355
Fender nylon 6-string
Ovation Celebrity 12-string
Ibanez 7-string with two custom-wound Seymour Duncan pickups
Epiphone Double Neck Cherry Jimmy Page model
Gibson 1996 Custom Shop Les Paul Alpine White
Custom Shop Fender Strat designed by Larry Brooks with left-handed butterscotch maple neck and three Seymour Duncan reverse-wound single-coil pickups with tiger-striped pick guard
1979 Ibanez Artist with Seymour Duncan custom bridge position and Duncan Distortion at neck position
ESP Cherry Custom Strat with Seymour Duncan pick-ups, pearly gates at bridge and alnico II single coil at neck position. Topped off with the original Floyd Rose Whammy Bar
1969 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe reissue goldtop
Ibanez Roadstar II 1981 Strats with maple neck, custom blue marble–painted finsh and Floyd Rose tremolo bar. Seymour Duncan JB humbuckers pickup on bridge position and Seymour Duncan vintage single coil at neck position
Zebra-striped Ibanez Roadstar II with maple neck, black Floyd rose lock-in tremolo with Seymour Duncan hot rails pickup at neck position and alnico II humbuckers
Washburn Acoustic EA-20N single cut-away natural color with rosewood fingerboard
Fender black precision deluxe bass with Seymour Duncan bassline quarter-pounder P-Bass pickup and quarter-pounder jazz bass pickup at bridge. With vintage custom-shop maple neck and white perloid pick guard.
Amps and Effects

1979 Mesa Boogie Mark II B 1x12 combo
1981 Mesa Boogie Son of Boogie amp head
1975 Fender Twin Reverb
Soldano Reverb-O-Sonic 4x10
Modified Epiphone Valve Junior Tube Amplifier Head
Industrial Amp Rock 120 2x12
Orange Amp AD 15 Combo 1x12-inch vintage celestion 30s
Marshall MC212 cabinet
Legacy cabinet with 4x 12-inch greenback celestion
1970 Marshall cabinet with 4x 12-inch vintage celestion 30s
Fender Bassman 100-Watt Series with 15-inch driver and horn
Fender 4x12 Dual Showman cabinet
1974 Classic Fender Super Reverb with 4x 10s
1985 Marshall JCM 800 Head (100W)
Marshal JTM45 reissue
1984 Seymour Duncan convertible amp head
1974 Traynor bass master amp head
1990 Ampeg VL-501 Lee Jackson–designed amp head
1969 Sunn Sorado amp head
1979 Sovtek Tube Midget 50W head
1972 Fender Vibro Champ
Marshall JCM 2000 Dual Super lead head
Ibanez Tube King TK999US
Ibanez Tube Screamer TS 9
Keeley Ibanez Tube Screamer TS 808
Keeley Time Machine Boost pedal
Boss DD20 Giga Delay Twin Effects Pedal
Tech 21 Sans Amp Bass Driver DI
Dunlap Hendrick Wah, Talkbox, Uni-Vibe
Boss Phrase shifter PH-3, Super Octave OC-3
DOD FX 65 Stereo Chorus
MXR Distortion Plus
Electro Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man, Mini QTron, Micro Synthesizer
EVH MXR Flanger, MXR Phaser
Snarling Dog Mold Spore wah

Ludwig Led Zeppelin 5-piece set
Tama Piccolo snare drum
Zildjian ZBT hi-hats, china and ride cymbals
Remo Djembe, designed with Leon Mobley
Various percussion, guiro, shakers, cowbell, etc.
Keyboards, Modules and Samplers

1965 M100 Hammond organ
1954 Acrosonic acoustic piano
Akai MFC 42 analog filter module, MIDI patchbay ME30PII
1978 Fender Mark II Rhodes
Polyvoks (analog soviet synth)
Moog Opus 3 (analog)
Korg MS20 (analog synth), MS2000R analog-modeling synthesizer, Karma
Access Virus C Modular
Roland MC 909 sampling groove box, Juno 60 analog synth, Super JV-1080 64-voice synthesizer module
EMU Proteus 2000 synth modular
Computers and Software

Mac G5 OS 10.3.4 with 1.6GHz memory, 2GB DDR SDRAM, 80-gig hard drive internal, 120-gig hard drive external. KOGI 18-inch monitor with swing arm
Digi 002 Pro Tools LE 7.4.2
PreSonus Digimax FS
Mini Moog V
Reason 3
Logic 8
Orchestral Collection by Prosoneus
MOTU Digital Performer 5.13
Koncept & Function
MOTU Symphonic Instruments
Operating Table
Stylus RMX and Classic
UAD -1 Ultra pack
Host of plug-ins (too many to list)

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Brian Tarquin
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Jungle Room Studios
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Feb 14 2011
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