Bounty Hunter / New Band TBA


Other, Drums, Vocalist.


Mad guitarist, Visual communications designer, and band marketing specialist living and working in the Charleston, South Carolina USA area.

Have toured as guitarist at the major record label professional level.

More importantly, I've worked with indie acts who have successfully and profitably bucked the status quo in terms of gigs, style, pay, promotion and "fame." ... and THAT is what I am most interested in doing.

Current bands are a formative metal band in Charleston, and the reunion of Bounty Hunter. The latter band is long-distance, and the other guys are ball-and-chained so they don't do much and that is a real shame because record labels are looking at us. So, on with the new band.

If you want to talk nuts and bolts...

Music Business -alumnus of Peter Knickles' "Doing Music and Nothing Else" Music Business Seminar (If you're a serious player -or if you gig for money- then beat the bushes and find a copy of the home study version while they can still be found.

John Vestman's Life Success for Musicians - Google it. Get it. Complete it. And be honest about it to yourself.

Current Influences: the people whom I work with. My instruments.

Past Influences: The Ventures, The Band, Curtis Mayfield, The Staple Singers, Rare Earth, Alice Cooper, James Brown, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Ohio Players, Climax Blues Band, Boston, Kiss, ZZ Top, Rush, Robin Trower, Rory Gallagher, Alan Holdsworth, Jeff Beck, Return to Forever, Judas Priest, Blackfoot, Savoy Brown, David Sancious, The Brains, Swimming Pool Qs, Joe Satriani, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Eddie Bush, Dimebag Darrel Abbot/Pantera, Johann Sebastian Bach & sons, Jean Sibelius; writer and music reviewer Alex Ross, movie soundtracks, nature, noise, the entropy of our universe, a Power Greater than Myself, and my mother Yoko who taught me to play a half dozen instruments and to sight-read on the organ as a child.

Touring guitarist with the late Danny Joe Brown (Molly Hatchet), 1982 US Eastern Seaboard tour, Epic Records supported tour for Danny Joe Brown and the Danny Joe Brown Band.

Past bands: Bloody Kansas (rock), Soulful Sons (funk/r&b), The Roustabouts (country; as bassist), Black Gold (rock covers; Atlanta), New Ground (rock; as drummer), Arsynn (thrash metal), Headrush (hard rock), Edisto Gumbo (variety), Mojo D (rock covers; New Orleans), Second Hand Rose (rock covers; Charleston, SC.) Also played keyboards on some early tracks with Bounty Hunter.

Original guitarist with the Bounty Hunter guitar team (1982-1992, 2006; 2007-present as sole guitarist.) Also functioned as marketing manager, fan club administrator and lighting designer as well one of our music/lyric writers.

Our "Shadows" album was released in 1992. Bounty Hunter has opened for Foghat, The Outlaws, Mothers Finest, Blackfoot, and a host of other legendary bands. Our sold-out reunion debut in 2007 was as openers for Brian Howe of Bad Company, presented by Jeff Taylor and WGZO-FM 103.1. Many Thanks as well to WIXV 1-95 FM in Savannah, as well as Focus on the Coast (Hilton Head Island), Creative Loafing (Savannah), Charleston Free Times, and Lowcountry Underground Magazine.


I can tell you from decades of experience that dragging someone else who is talented but resistant toward real success (but tells you otherwise) isn't worth it. If they're incapable of learning and growing with this business due to ego, attitudes or emotional instability issues, then there's nothing that you can do about that and it's best to find more appropriate and capable people to work with because you're going to have to spend a lot of time with them one way or another.

If you're not a gentleman in this business, there's really no sense in doing it because jerks -and drunks- are a wasted investment of time, work and resources. More times than not, it's trying to weed through people who bullsh*t themselves and everyone else involved at some level.

Abuse me once, my fault for trusting. Three strikes rule here. That's a firm boundary.


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Ritchie Blackmore. J.S. Bach. Robin Trower. Jean Sibelius. Steve Gaines. Tony Iommi. Dennis Dunaway. Billy Gibbons. Phil Lynott. Earnie Isley. Carlos Santana. David Gilmore. Movie soundtracks. The Blue Rider...

Members Of Band

Bounty Hunter: Ronnie Able, Brian Canaday, Jimmy Polston.
Band #2: Cannot divulge names until official first press release.


Own several guitars but gravitate toward vintage Gibson Les Pauls and a hot Fender Stratocaster on stage.

1979 Gibson Les Paul Pro Deluxe (goldtop) with stock P90 in the neck position, Seymour Duncan Stk-P1 Stacked P-90 in the bridge position, Graphtek bridge saddles. Refretted by Mike Fisher (Guitar tech for Brian Stoltz, The Radiators and the legendary Funky Meters to name a few) in New Orleans in late 2003. Rudest and smoothest guitar in my arsenal. Neck pickup is god-toned. Look no further for slide guitar timbres. The only Deluxes made with ebony fretboards. This one has a quarter-sawn laminated maple neck with volute.

(Mike Fisher also set me up with a roadie gig for the "5th Annual Once In A Blue Moon Benefit Concert" featuring Buddy Guy, Dr. John, Allen Toussaint, Art Neville, and the late Timothea, to benefit HEP-C patients held at Tipitina's in New Orleans on Nov 15. 2003. "You don't know who Professor Longhair is? Boy, you're in New Orleans now so you'd better do some research." Taking Mike's advice, I did.)

2002 Fender Powerhouse Stratocaster Deluxe (candy apple red metallic.) "Clapton circuit" variant with active +20db variable mid boost and dummy pickup hum canceller.

1985 Gibson Les Paul Custom (cardinal red) w/Seymour Duncan SH-04 JB pickup in the bridge position. Revived from retirement in October 2011 by Ryan Nelson at Guitar Center in Charleston, SC. This guitar now melts faces in numerous ways -as it should. The JB pickup is perfect for mahogany-bodied guitars and uncompromised rock. Mahagany neck, no volute.

SKB PS-45 Pedalboard, stuffed and always evolving depending upon need. Mostly analog effects -love Robert Keeley's modded pedals and service (thanks Donnie Polk for telling me about them.) Boss TU-2 Chromatic Tuner, Dunlop Cry Baby Classic Wah Pedal, Keeley Java Boost Treble Boost, Boss BD-2 Blues Driver w/PHAT and Phreak Fuzz Keeley mods, Boss MT-2 Metal Zone w/Twilight Zone Keeley mod, Boss Line Selector, Roger Mayer Crossroads splitter, Danaelectro 18V Cool Cat Chorus, Line 6 DL4 Delay Modeler/Looper (needs to be modded), MXR KFK-1 10-band EQ, Hush Pedal... Will eventually replace or gut the PS-45 and move the power conditioner/patchbay to the backline. Mogami Gold and George L's cables. That's all you need to know in cables if you care about the tone of your guitar.

Randall and Hughes & Kettner amps. Still looking for a tube amp that will do everything that I need them to do and still sound and feel authentic. (Not into simulated amplifier tones.) Probably doesn't exist.

DMX-512 Lighting Gear:
2 DMX Dimmer Packs
DMX Foot Controller
2 Chauvet COLORStrips w/controller
Stands, BLACK power cords, DMX data cables and terminator plugs.
8 Par 38s

Tascam DR-05 Linear PCM Recorder
Nikon D90 DSLR, lenses, tripod, strobist off-camera flash: speedlights and brollies, radio triggers
Adobe Creative Suite CS4 (I'm a design pro; I ain't no Kinkos.)

After the last band, I don't co-mingle PA gear at this point due to people not knowing what in the hell they're doing with the stuff. That may change but the guy running it has got to know more than the average wanker; YAMAHA SOUND REINFORCEMENT HANDBOOK: memorize it, use it.