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I’m a vocalist and a songwriter. I’ve been a soloist my whole life but I want more than just me and my acoustic guitar and should it ever get anywhere I want people to share a stage with and share those experiences with. I’m specifically looking to be a vocalist/songwriter but I know how to play guitar if that position needs to be filled as well. I’d say I’m pretty decent at arrangement and I’m a fast learner should I need to learn something new. Lyrically I don’t swear- at least not preferably. I’m not really expecting much to come out of signing up for this. I’m at a point where college is kind of a factor so while I’m willing to put in the work and effort of being in a band I’m not 100% committed to dropping everything for a band or a career in the music industry right now.

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Sleeping with sirens is a really big influence, I really like that they have a spectrum between heavier stuff and acoustic works and are really comfortable with both. I think Alex Gaskarth is a lyrical god. I’m a fan of pierce the veil and how they push the boundaries of how a song is traditionally arranged both lyrically and sonically. I don’t know if I’d consider them an influence, but My Chemical Romance (especially their black parade album) has always been pretty important to me. I’m not a big fan of straight up alternative, but specifically Ain’t no rest for the wicked and Clint Eastwood are songs that I would consider an influence because I like how they incorporate almost a funk vibe into their music.

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I’ve got an acoustic guitar with a pickup, an old eighties electric guitar that I have access to, really basic recording equipment ( and j mean BASIC), I’ve got a mic with a stand, a crappy single input amp and a music stand.