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Well versed synthesist, keyboardist w/decent equipment looking for working band in Chicago or North Shore subs.

Can I Tell You something? Got to tell you one thing.
I was a Sweet Child of Innocence, freshman year of high school.
Minute by Minute, I kept hearing new, cool music, and I thought to myself, I love it and I need it alright, so I hung on tight. One things for certain though, I couldn't then, and I'm pretty sure I Can't Dance now, so playing music is where my focus went.
My brothers warned me, Sweet child in time, you'll see the line, the Line that's drawn between the good and the bad - music thats out there.

It Was a Monday, a Day Like Any Other Day. I awakened to Turn Up The Radio! I loved what I found, in the sound. Each day after, I'd Turn It On Again and my libary and music knowledge grew.

An older dude, in what some could have called a Cheap Trick, sold me his Gibson SG, before he went to college. I got really interested in learning, practicing new chords and even said aloud to my guitar I Want You to Want Me. It just looked at me and then said Hello There. You're All Talk. The neighbor came over when I was practicing and she said you know, Its A Long Way to the Top, if you want to Rock and Roll.

All I knew is I had some serious High Voltage in my hands and was smitten by the Live Wire connected to the amp. My best friend always thought he was better than I was, and each practice, instead of getting into a groove together, he may as well have said I'm going to Walk All Over You, cuz thats what he did.

In school, as students, my musician friends and I felt that we were just Another Brick in the Wall. So, we started forming bands, with original, cool names. Some were Justin Sayne. And for a while, a Sound Storm hit them where they stood. Maybe at one point, when the music got loud, my father could have said he's No Son Of Mine, I don't remember. Maybe I responded with Rock and Roll Ain't Noise Pollution. Some of our tunes sucked, some were ok. Either way, we continued to Let The Good Times Roll. That was all good, until I started checking out this girl in class...I pretended not to notice, but she was My Best Friends Girl. So, to retain our friendship, I said Bye Bye Love, lets just be friends, cuz Its All I Can Do.

Eventually, high school was over. It left us all Dazed and Confused. Thats when people go off to school, and here and there. Thats when The Communication Breakdown occurs. So, all we could do was re-TOOL, and find new Friends. I met a drummer who had a Black Dog and we started to play Rock and Roll. I seem to remember he had Four Sticks, just in case he dropped two. He always mentioned he was thinking of Going to California. Then I thought to myself The Song Remains The Same. How am I ever going to get anywhere this way? So, I joined the Navy, and served my country, Over The Hills and Far Away.

The Navy has these crazy rules. I thought to myself You Really Got Me now. But I wasn't some Atomic Punk, I was an Ice Cream Man, On Fire. They said You're No Good cuz you always Dance The Night Away, and its always Bottles Up. Eventually, I asked myself Where Have All The Good Times Gone? I wanted to be Dancing in The Streets, but I was in a House of Pain. So, I made a Jump, back to my former life. It was just Time For Me To Fly. Advice from my friend was to just Keep Pushin On. So, thats what I did. Back to 157 Riverside Avenue. Maybe I was Ready for Love?

Yes, it was time. I still had a Rock n Roll Fantasy, but she came Out of My Head and into my life, she came to try to Control me. Sometimes it would Bring Me Down. I wasn't Famous, and I wasnt good with Money, and let her Piss It All Away. But then I decided to just Take It Easy, and Take The Money and Run. That Big Jet Airliner took me away from the Witchy Woman. The next day was a Tequila Sunrise. And most of the others to follow. Not sure what all went on.
One of These Nights, I may have to write that all down from memory.

I have never grown tired of Life In The Fast Lane, but I Can't Tell You Why. Maybe too much Wasted Time?

Those were some Strange Days. Still, I wasn't as bad as my friend, with the LA Woman.
He plays bass, in the Soul Kitchen. You never see him enter, because he's a Backdoor Man. His tattoo of a Peace Frog is pretty wicked. People Are Strange! So, Here I Go Again. Back to business. Killing is My Business and Business is Good. I Ain't Superstitious, I don't really feel a Bad Omen is materializing. I just want to Set The World on Fire. Sweating Bullets, I'll Take No Prisoners this time around.

So, lets rock. I Want You to Show Me The Way to a decent sounding band, that needs a decent sounding keyboards player!

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