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Hey, my name is Mike. I'm from Paso Robles, CA. I've been playing guitar for 3 years now (hardcore/metalcore/emocore) stuff for almost 4 months (I can play thrice, killswitch engage, from autumn to ashes, story of the year, and I’m in the process of learning some Unearth SUPER HARD). I've sang in 3 bands, and I’ve been singing for 2 years. I just started singing/screaming/writing (songs & lyrics) hardcore/metalcore/emocore stuff last year in September for the last band I was in. I started to get into hardcore in the middle of last year as well. If you would like to hear some of that band's material that I sang/screamed/wrote lyrics for, just contact me. email/msn: kilfakeemo, aim: kilfakeemo, 805-975-2197 I do however have a couple of things to say about the songs that were recorded though. Both of which I will be sure to clarify when the songs are requested. I will be more than willing to play music with any of the influences listed below. I also have a powerful and energetic stage presence and my bandmates must also have the same thing. That is one thing I am INSANELY OBSESSED with in any band! I just have always thought it’s a must in any band. I'm very passionate and very committed about the music I listen to, write, sing & PLAY. Call me a perfectionist, but I take pride in the music I love, as well as write. I will stay in the recording studio from 8am monday morning until Tuesday 12pm, if the studio will let me, till I get a solo, chorus, riff, vocal perfect. Speaking of recording studios, I have a mini ghetto studio (that is made of a M-Audio USB MobilePre w/ 4ins & 4outs (4-track), Samus Condenser Mic w/pop filter, both running thru Cubase SX 1.0 on Windows XP. Sounds pretty ghetto huh? yeah, it sucks. Not bad for recording a few scratch vocal or guitar tracks to get u going before your studio perfection. But yeah. I've recorded and produced my first band's entire EP (which u dont wanna hear, TAKE MY WORD FOR IT! it sounds professional, but the genre prolly wont fit yours or my style now. and my vocals suck then) and i mixed my last band's tracks that were recorded in the studio. I am also planning and saving to go to school in Hollywood and go to Musicians' Institute to get my certificate in the Vocal Institute of Technology, Recording Institute of Technology & Music Business Program. That is if I don’t find a band to play for before then. SO LEMME KNOW IF UR INTERESTED OR IF I FIT WHAT U NEED IN UR BAND!!!! CUZ I NEED TO DO THIS!!! Music is going to be my career, whether it’s playing in a band, owning my own record label (or working for one) or running my own recording studio. I'm determined to do this. So help me PLEEEAZE!!

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Linkin Park
From Autumn To Ashes
Blessed With Embers
The Silence
Slipknot (some)
The Used
Killswitch Engage
Hawthorne Heights
A Dozen Furies
New Tommorrow
Plans For Revenge
Section 8
Everytime I Die
Trashing Andi
Letter Kills
Autumn's Romance
Keeping Distance
Ashton Sonnet
A Change Of Pace
As I Lay Dying
Dear Whoever
Eli Cash
Light This City
Dear Misery
The Sacred Lives of The Free Masons
Thirty Called Arson
Norma Jean
Project 86
Poison The Well
Before The Storm
Empty Hearts Bleed Less
Holding Onto Hope
And if it sounds like any of these bands
I’m sure I’ll like it.


Fender Squire Strat, GLX65 65w Crate Combo, M-Audio USB MobilePre w/ 4ins & 4outs (4-track), Samus Condenser Mic w/pop filter, both running thru Cubase SX 1.0 on Windows XP