killers of eden


Bass Guitar, Drums.


Sounds like a war of robots with laser beams.

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killers of eden
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Aug 17 2007
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Just for Fun
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1 time per week
97 years


Pink. Rockets. Flowers. Love.

(Now, a boring list in absolutely no particular order: My Bloody Valentine, The Soft Moon, Mos Def, Arab Strap, The Beatles, Luna Ghost, Bailterspace, Lungfish, Suuns, Volplane, Bright Channel, Moonspeed, Jeff Suthers, Japandroids, Kitchens Of Distinction, Joy Division, KMD, DOOM/MF DOOM/Viktor Vaughn/King Geedorah/Metal Face/Metal Fingers/The Super Villian, Danger Doom, Madvillian, JJ DOOM, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Jungle Brothers, Bauhaus, The Killing Joke, The Cocteau Twins, The Beta Band, Gang Starr, Mission Of Burma, Kwes, Shellac, Swans, Twin Shadow, Worker Bee, De La Soul, Savages, Shudder To Think, Love & Rockets, The Nonce, Coin Under Tongue, mclusky, Dinosaur Jr., The Smiths, Neurosis, The Big Pink, St. Vincent, Sonic Youth, Gwilym Gold, Mogwai, Big Black, Slint, A Place To Bury Strangers, Unwound, Black Sheep, Future Of The Left, Broken Social Scene, Sigur Rós, The Stone Roses, Angels Of Light, A Tribe Called Quest, way way more)

Members Of Band

J (static/high-frequency oscillofono/white noise/low-frequency bajo/rural psychedelia/vox horribilis/short wave radio frequencies/bateria/space ship landings/ivories/robot wars/space drone/neurosis/radio hum)

X* (space clicks/bajo sexto/transient random-noise bursts with announcements/vox angelica/satellite crackle/ordinateur/harmonic distortion)

X* (palpitations/membranophone/cataclysms/fear/unresolved tension/artificial intelligence)

X*: Need to fill these positions again.


Guitars, basses, drums, artificial intelligences