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Thanks for checking out my ad. I’ve played with a few repliers in the past 4 weeks and am still looking for others who share this direction I want to pursue.
I am a drummer in my mid-30's who is a visual artist as well. I have jumped in and out of these musician sites over the years looking for collaborators and have been successful once or twice. Just lost my guitarist, who I’ve been writing/playing with for almost two years. We’ve had some visitors during that time, but mostly it’s just been drum, guitar and vocals.
If there's one thing I've learned from years of attempted match ups with fellow musicians, it is that likeminded in all areas is not necessary (or even valuable), but likeminded in some areas is absolutely necessary. I don't think there's a science to it, so I can't say which of the following areas are most critical, but if there's potential, some of these elements should be common ground:
Areas for consideration:
1. My drumming style is rock, with an interest in progressive--I am interested in supporting the song, and I am interested in the drum sound to be creative and a strong element. My drumming has been described to me as somewhat tribal at times, as I do like my toms and use a double kick but not metal-style. I can play in the pocket but am more interested in utilizing the toms and bass as the main beat (which is what I mean when I use the word tribal), with the hat/snare action introduced strategically. I have a pro kit, use 4 cymbals, have a tambourine attachment, double petal, PA, mics, mic stands and a dinosaur digital 8-track. I am interested in experimenting with using recorded everyday sounds as well.
2. I write lyrics and sing, and would appreciate hooking up with others who also like to sing (even if you're not the best). Group singing interests me. LOOKING TO DEVELOP ORIGINAL MATERIAL--not interested in covers AT ALL. I have about 7 songs in the works, and am open to developing them or starting somewhat over with a new sound. I won’t ask you to play like someone else, I am interested in a meeting of the minds—creating something cutting edge that could only come about by the creative collaboration occurring right here, and now.
3. My focus is to play about 2x a week and develop all original material/write a first album, then build an audience. I am interested in using jams and freestyling to come up with guitar melodies/beats/lyrical melodies/bass lines, keys/progression, etc…this creation part is not something I am looking to rush through or ‘get it over with’. People who are tech savvy (with the recording/editing, building websites, marketing/promoting, etc) are definitely welcome. I have some experience in all these areas but am not the expert.
4. The music I like to listen to, and which may or may not have an influence in my sound include: Peter Gabriel, Genesis, Led Zeppelin, Bob Dylan, U2 (very few of these but some are classics), Yaz, Everything but the Girl, some White Stripes, The Clash, AC/DC, Neil Young, The Clash, some Kate Bush (the tribal drumming with interesting lyrical arrangements) and Pink Floyd.
5. I have a 24 hour space and get a good deal on the rent, so it would be good to hear replies from people who are at least open to sharing the space if things work out (somewhat implied here is my desire to work with people who either live close to this space or for whom the travel is not an issue; also, I'm not interested in traveling distances to jam with bands outside of Chicago).
When reading this, if you get a good vibe, then you know what to do. I hope to hear from likeminded musicians and get moving on a new project.
Thanks for reading and good luck to all musicians out there.

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