SR9 (for State Route 9 which is where we spend a lot of windshield time) is a 4 Pc band - 2 guitars, some keys, bass and drums. Current members have been together for 6 years. Brothers Marc and Joel Eggers, John Goodwin and Jeff Norton. We've played many venues like the Arlington Chrome Cafe, Jimmy Z's, Stewarts Place in Snohomish, Rocko's and Klondike Ron's in Everett, Many private affairs. Rep. consisting of a wide variety of covers and originals from Alice in Chains and The Beatles to ZZ Top! (A to Z ;^) This is about the 12th band that Joel and I have had together. Previously we were in a power trio called NRG. We played at the Old Oxford Tavern in Snohomish once or twice a month for 10+ years and also spread the love out to other venues like: The Chopping Block in Monroe, The Pastime, The U&I, The Corner Saloon in Granite Falls, The Collectors Choice outdoor stage and many private parties including cruises on the Goodtimes boats and the beautiful Snohomish Eagles Ballroom. Our story starts out when we (Joel and I) were in grade school our dad Kim (and grandpa Everett/Ev) is (was) a musician and we grew up/were around many local musicians and were influenced by them. Dad was in the Viceroys back in the 60's. They had a couple top 40 hits and played an Opera House concert in Seattle with Stevie Wonder when "Fingertips" was comin' up the charts. (he was only about 13 years old!) But due to band member changes around 68 or 69 (I think) the record company made the Viceroys change the band name to The Surprise Package. Shortly after that they broke up and we moved around leaving the Seattle area for a while and taking up roots in Spokane. We returned and made our home in Issaquah and then Snohomish. During that time we were exposed to Jr. Cadillac, The Dick Powell Band, The Fabulous Wailers and more. We finished School living in Snohomish and pretty much grew up there. I got my first guitar for my 6th birthday but really didn't start playing until High School. Joel got a drumset in Jr. High and we were on our way jamming almost every day after school. Getting together with any bass and/or guitar player we could. Learning songs and arrangements along the way. (Special thanks to Dan our bass player from NRG for teaching us the arrangements) We play now because it is the best way we know to meet people and make new friends, have fun and let it all hang out. ;^) I've been trying to finish up some home projects so I can get back to finishing my home studio which is currently about 80% complete. (See pics) Maybe this winter and spring. I have also been helping my friend Jeff G. (Stones cousin!) working on his studio and it is going to be an excellent one. He has really taken his time to do things right and it shows. It is definitely "State of the Art". He also sits in with the band once in a while and plays his guitar. When SR9 first got together Joel had been playing with them for about 3 years. John and Jeff were together much longer and had bands like "Silence" and had done quite a bit of recording and gigging. It was around May of 2001 when I got a call "Do you have time to practice and sit in a couple gigs? I had been doing my own thing recording and playing all of the instruments with an electric drummer and playing part time with another band on the bass! Joel said that one of the guitar players had quit and they had a couple gigs lined up that they didn't want to cancel and since I had played with them a couple times, would I learn their songs and sit in. I said of course and we practiced a couple times and got tight enough and played at Jimmy Z's in Everett. Kept on practicing and playing a couple private parties and then they asked if I wanted to stay. Of course I said yes. We've had our growing pains (what band doesn't) but all in all we talk things through and have a really good time rehearsing and gigging together. We recorded our first original demo (You can listen to some of it on this page) in 2004 and spent quite a while tweaking it but none of us were ever satisfied. (we are our own worst critics!) One of our songs was released on the recent Versailles Records Misty Mountain Hop a Tribute to Led Zepplin. The song is Complicated and is on the bonus CD. (most of it anyway but that is another long story!)Currently I am working on a solo side gig recording relaxation/massage music for a cd to be released later this year and learning new material for upcoming shows. See us on /sr9rockband and /sr9

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Alice In Chains to ZZ Top! (A to Z:^D)

Members Of Band

Marc Eggers, Joel Eggers, John Goodwin, Jeff Norton and occasionally Jeff Gossard.


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