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I'm interested in a few things so read through the whole thing if you've got a few minutes.

For instruments, I mainly am interested in playing pedal steel, accordion, or five string banjo but I also play keyboard, tenor banjo, electric guitar, bass guitar, mandolin, tin whistle, morin khuur, erhu, and saz. I sing a little bit and do harsh vocals sometimes and I have experience with programming drums and other instruments.

I'm maybe looking for members for my black/doom/folk metal band, Burden, which can be found on Band camp at burdenbandct dot band camp dot com. I'm not really sure because it was a full band for a number of years but recently became a solo project and so I might want to find new band members to play live at some point and to take some of the load off of me since I am currently playing all the instruments including guitar, bass, keyboards, vocals, accordion, morin khuur, and erhu.

I might be interested in starting another metal band with the right people. I play the instruments mentioned above but would prefer to play accordion as my first choice (if people are interested in accordion in metal) or keyboard as a second choice and maybe guitar. I'm interested in black metal, old school death metal, brutal death metal, technical death metal, viking metal, folk metal, funeral doom, stoner metal, and sludge metal but I have not interest in metalcore, deathcore, thrash, or traditional heavy metal.

I would be interested in starting a country band finding some people to write and record original country songs mainly in the style of 50s honky-tonk or 60s trucker country or 70s country rock or 80s neotraditional country. I'm not entirely sure of the style but that's kind of what I like. I guess all I can say is to take a like at the "Influences" part of my profile and see if those artists I mentioned are of interest. I'm not interested in modern radio country and I'm not looking to play in a cover band. These two things are very important. I don't mind playing alt country with alternative rock, punk, or metal influence.

I would be very interested in playing psychobilly although I doubt I will find an upright bassist nearby that is interested in that. I like the idea of mixing psychobilly with country, surf rock, polka, and other genres.

I'd also be interested in playing rockabilly, polka, western swing, blues, surf rock, bluegrass, or Irish music (whether it's Irish traditional or Irish fusion such as Irish punk). I'd really be interested in almost anything other than vanilla guitar/bass/drums rock or punk although I would be interested in alternative rock or punk if I could play accordion, pedal steel, or banjo and I would be interested in an acoustic folk duo or trio if I could play those instruments as well (I guess technically pedal steel is not acoustic but I don't mind if you don't mind).

I think it's really as much about finding the right people to play with as much as it is about finding the right music.

I'm not really good enough at jazz, funk, or R&B to want to play those and I also have no interest in pop music. If you read the instruments that I am interested in playing and have some idea for music where I could play those instruments, I would be interested to hear.

I'm primarily interested in writing and recording original music. That to me is a bigger priority than playing live shows and while I would definitely be interested in playing live shows, it's definitely not something that I need and to that end, I'm just as interested in a studio project with one or two other people as I am in a full band with four or nine other people.

As far as availability, my schedule is very flexible so I can be available at any time for practice or gigs. The only thing is that I don't drive due to a combination of anxiety and poor vision so you'd have to pick me up so I guess that limits how far I can go. I'd love to have people over my house but there isn't really a consistent time that I could have people over so that's probably not an option unfortunately.

Since you have to pay in order to message people here from what I understand, you can email me at kristen.pedal.steel AT G MAIL to contact me.

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As far as country goes, Hank Williams, Hank III, Red Sovine, Red Simpson, Faron Young, Lefty Frizzle, Kitty Wells, Patsy Cline, Hank Thompson, Hank Snow, Dick Curless, Del Reeves, Dave Dudley, Junior Brown, Asleep at the Wheel, The Desert Rose Band, Ernest Tubb, George Strait, Jerry Reed, Alan Jackson, Nick 13, Jake Penrod, Asleep at the Wheel, New Riders of the Purple Sage, Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen, Cledus Maggard, Buck Owens, Johnny Cash, George Jones, etc.

Otherwise some of my favorite artists are Frankie Yankovic, The Nekromantix, John Coltrane, Freddie King, Mithotyn, Origin, Bolt Thrower, Horn, Drudkh, Windir, Arckanum, Suffocation, A Tribe Called Quest, Ultramagnetic MCs, Dr Octagon, the Chieftains, the Dubliners, the Wolfe Tones, the Country Gentlemen, the Osborne Brothers, the Stanley Brothers, Old and in the Way, Shawn Colvin, etc.

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