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I'm a pocket drummer aged well with a young positive attitude. I'm groove orientated and play for the song. I like melodic music w/energy & danceable. When creating beats I want to use my toms, subtle cymbal accents, while focusing on dynamics, so vocals and lead riffs are noticed

Played professionally in my early 20's - 40's. Played in semi-pro bands - rock, new wave, alternative. I can be creative and free or tight and groovy.

Genres - power pop, alternative, indie, new wave, new country, swing, hippie music, surf music, rockabilly, garage sound. I Love Music.

Have lots of experience playing live, in studio, as well as performed on local TV and past band(s) originals aired on college radio like KSJS, KFJC, KSCU, plus out of state. My press coverage has been w/ SJ METRO, Bitch Mag, SF Weekly, and others.
My arrangement of "Louie, Louie", will be featured in the upcoming documentary "The Meaning of Louie".
My arrangement of Louie received airplay on Internet +podcast radio station djoskar .

My discography:
Fillet of Sole CD,
All Washed Up (compilation),
Black Leather Madness -single,
She's To Good -single,
Louie, Louie -demo,
Complicated Problems -demo.

Screen name:
Member since:
Dec 13 2005
Active within 1 week
Level of commitment:
Just for Fun
Years playing music:
Gigs played:
Over 100


I like straight ahead melodic music mostly!

Bands I like are many such as:
80's/90's influences: Paul Collins Beat, Translator, The Rain Parade. The Knack, The Smiths, REM, The Pretenders, XTC, AC/DC, Green Day, Pearl Jam

Classic Rock Influences:
The Doors, CCR, The Guess Who, Surf Music, Garage music, Beatles, British bands, Crabby Appleton

Blues & Roots R&B Influences: Fats Domino, Willie Dixon, Dixieland, Old Bluesman, The Killer

Country/Country Rock Influences: Hank Williams, Patsy Cline, The Collins Kids, Emaylou Harris, Linda Rondstadt. Everly Bro., Eagles, Allman Bro. I like today's New Country, good stuff out there! Miranda, Pistol Annie, Alan Jackson, Aldean, and more

Other influences not R&R: Gene Krupa.

21ST Century bands I like:
The Cranberries

I enjoy music!

Instrument experience:

Vocalist - Alto:


for now, yours I hope. I need for you to have a practice place, peace

Sorry I am currently not able to play in bands due to family matters



Past Events

private Christmas party and band breaking in San Jose, CA

video use playing several songs live for promotions to set up gigs

Country songs

learning set list of new country and some standard songs

learning new songs with a band of talents
steel guitar

should be fun!

jamming with a country band and I had lots of fun

jamming with or without you

in your garage


May-27-2006 Louie Louie - Kaye Walden

Aired on
internet radio.

Average Dyke Band

This is not DWTB
w/ Nester and Son

Apricot Lounge
w/Gretchen T Wilds

w/ special guest Janis

Dinner With The Browns
Grey Matter
The 13TH Step
The Crymatix

Chris Isaak
Beatnik Beach
Kaye Walden
Steve Jones
Clem Burke
Nigel Harrison
Jack Cassidy (checkered Past)
The Call
Wire Train
The Alarm
Greg Camp (Heroic Airmen)
The Spikes
The 13TH Step
The Crymatix
Rockafellers (formerly The Inserts)
Reed Evans
London Down
Grey Matter
Dinner with the Browns
Social Club

album release

Fillet of Sole