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kv.bdaddy at g mail

Thanks for looking and keep in touch!

I've been playing bass on/off since 1980. You can see my equipment list below.

The attached music sample in the profile is me singing lead vocals and playing bass for both songs. I'll add more as time permits.

I prefer to play a mix of classic rock (70's, 80's & 90's), current rock and blues. The type of music that people know and enjoy. I like high energy and love to entertain. I am interested in creating shows, not just standing on a stage and playing a song. Music to me is a feeling, not a structure. If I hear you say "but that's not how they do it on the MP3" then I will most likely tune you out and move along. I may play in a cover band but I am not a copy cat.

Send an email to me at the address listed above/below as I cannot respond to emails from this website.


I play bass and acoustic guitar. I do lead and backup vocals. Plenty of stage experience.

I am always looking for people who want to jam and perform. I have been playing different acoustic events in the area lately.

I perform on stage and play out, as I have been for several years now, about 2-4 times a month.


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Influenced by everyone. I started playing in high school (early 80's) and went through several bands. I started a DJ business catering exclusively to DJing weddings. I know how to pack a dance floor, what the popular songs are and what gets people moving.

My major influence and drive is to play onstage. If you play songs that the crowd likes, then they dance. If they dance then they drink more putting money in the 'til. If the owner has a full til at the end of the night you will get a re-booking. Meet those requirements and get into several rotations, you no longer have to be looking for bookings, they will come to you.

To be marketable you need a variety from classic to today. That's what I am looking for!

I read in another profile the following and do believe in what was said:
I believe that all vocalists have a certain range that you have to tailor the set list to some extent. If your range can't get there then there is no sense in a band trying to blow your vocal up for the sake of saying that you can do a certain song. A song list must be accommodating to a vocalist's range.

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Bass Guitar:
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A few bass guitars...

'82 Washburn SB-40EQ (extremely rare, original owner)
'08 Epliphone Thunderbird
'10 Hofner 500/1 v63 Beatle Bass (German made)
'10 Gretsch G5123B Hollow Body Bass
'10 Rickenbacker 4003
'11 Cort Gene Simmons "Axe" replica

I have a nice Gallien-Krueger 1001RB amp head (700w/50w) pushing a Gallien-Krueger 212 speaker cabinet.

I use a Fender Rumbler 150 (150w, 15" speaker) for my practice amp.

PA equipment I have:
--Behringer UB2442FX-Pro 16 Channel Mixer
--Behringer EuroLive VP1220DSP 550w speakers for mains
--Behringer EuroLive B1500D-Pro PA Subs
--DOD 830 2 channel, 15 band WQ
--Kustom KPC12M monitor speakers
--300w amp for the monitors
--3 mics and stands

--a trailer to haul it all around

I also have these toys: acoustic guitars and 3 electric guitars...a kazoo, a violin, a mandolin, a drum set and a keyboard.

Bass is what I play as the others are toys to mess with.