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Underground Podzine Seeking Great Music

Magnetofunky is a laid back (and often explicit) San Francisco-based non-monetized podzine of extremely eclectic music and progressive politics, with a focus on energy independence for the 99%. The show is on Spotify, Tunein, Google Play, Stitcher, iTunes, Internet Archive, PlayerFM, Listen Notes, Podknife and Mixcloud.

What's it about?

As the disastrous political regime continues to flounder under multiple deadly crises while GOP accomplices pretend to wring their hands helplessly, PG&E's threats and bribes to stave off public control aren't protecting the compromised Pacific grid from fire or hacking (either black-hat or corporate), let alone a huge solar flare, making the need for personal backup power even more crucial for the working poor and middle class in the cities.

But how do you handle lead acid batteries in an apartment? An SRO? (Answer - you don't, unless they're Sealed Lead Acid, but if all you got is car batteries, put them in a battery box and vent the exhaust out a window). What if you can't do solar or wind either? Well, others are already experimenting and living with off-the-grid power in cities, and the internet is full of examples of methods with promise (mixed in with fake free energy clickbait videos with irritating music). Meanwhile, I've built a Tesla Coil, two Bedini Motors and tested alternative batteries.

I've also finished efficiency-testing of the 100W demo of my self-recharging battery power system and now consider it a practical working model, with a Coefficient of Performance above 1.1 baked into the circuit topology. The remaining round of tests will directly gauge the device as an emergency SRO Grid to answer the question: can it actually run an appliance on day three of a blackout?

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The podzine seeks music submissions of almost any genre from great indie bands and artists across the globe, from big names to bedroom producers, as long as I like the beat and flow. With over 170 episodes on the net, please check out a few at random to get an idea what that means.

The show unfortunately doesn't do band interviews, but I will also share your music video on my be channel.

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Send submissions/inquiries to: mfunkyzine'at'gmail'dot'com