BorderLine Studio Music Club


BorderLine Studio Music Club
Is my private music club
And rehearsal Studio
I am LA Stephenson
I play the drums and I sing some but don't play out anymore way too much work for me at 60 I play in my studio with my friends & Family for our own amusement
AND ((Occasionally)) I allow other Good friends bands to rehearse here!!
we are no longer for hire or rent as a rehearsal studio for the public!! sorry!!
It's for mine and my Family & friends amusement only!!

Contact name:
LA Stephenson
Screen name:
LA Stephenson
Member since:
Jan 10 2014
Active within 1 week


the cost to get in to my studio is be a good person, have some talent, and some class, and good taste, be patient (don't push) (and it helps to be my friend as well)
Otherwise you must be brought in by one of the other members as a (((Guest!)))
that does not mean you will get to play Necessarily!!
LA Stephenson - owner!



Past Events

(((((Come one Come all))))
Friends of LA Stephenson Aka Larry S.
It's my 54th Brithday Jam PARTY!!!!!!
June 13 Saturday night @ THE CORRIB Tavern
1041 Yonkers ave
the Jam party starts 8pm go's till 1:30am or when ever lol
Please Come out and Help me celebrate my 54th Brithday and make some Great memories with my Good friends and make some GOOD Music!
bring your axe bring your sticks bring your pedals and your cords and your A game and desire to play great rock n roll
birthday parties are no fun without good friends to help you Celebrate Them !!
There will some food and cake
but please bring your own spork!
just kidding Lol
Larry S. Aka LA Stephenson };^)>