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whats up ... i am lady envy google my music if u wish .... i have over 23000 song plays on reverb 65000 video veiws on be over 10000 mixtapes sold i am currently doing something awesome recently i came a cross an AMAZING STUDIO the professional kind that a major band would need i do not want to use instrumentals we are currently working on my album "method to the madness" my music is a lil different u cant really put it under a catagory so i made my own genre its called hip hop fusion what it is is a mix between hiphop soul r&b and rock i have the rehearsal space available i need to form a actual band of TALENTED individuals who can work together for the cause ...... in the next year i plan on touring and traveling and hitting the scene hard i need some career minded individuals who want to succeed with me if u think u can be an asset to the project to come and would like to come over for a tryout please contact me MY PHONE NUMBER IS 9513785388

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