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Over the years I've been around the block so to speak...

...I've done everything from ride race horses to play in a traveling band. One thing remains consistent, I'm NOT into pretenders (not the band "The Pretenders" or anything). For me, attitude is everything...

It's easy to make a good demo or practice all the time but that won't get you (or me) playing out. Or get you (or me) any gigs or air time...

...it's quality not quantity that I look for in a project.

All demo songs posted here are originals (all rights are reserved) with the exception of Come On written by Earl King 1958.

He first recorded the song as "Darling Honey Angel Child" in 1958. Rearranged and retitled "Come On", it was released in 1960. Covered by Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Professor Longhair's "Big Chief" and many more...

...also, these recordings are "walk in and step up demo songs" (24 track analog). No more that 1 hour involved per song, start to finish with little to no rehearsal (and many of us never met before the tracks were cut)...


Do I have requirements?

Yepper... Most importantly... Don't waste my time or yours...

Practice Times

Better to practice occasionally after everyone has had the chance to study the material than to make noise for the neighbors every week. Unless that's what you are into...

With e-mail, websites and other software it's easy to get ready to "play out" without the ground shaking underneath the garage.

Let's do it (mostly) at the venue!

We shouldn't need to rehearse allot.

1) Do your homework if you're serious about playing music (and with the internet there is absolutely no excuse).

Today you can get online and lookup almost ANY song in almost any style in moments...

...back when I started we had to buy a whole album to learn just one song. And find it in a store somewhere (used to walk to school in the snow, uphill, both ways too :-).

2) You must show up "on time" and ready to play...

...excuses about your grandmothers dog won't get it done (or most anything else for that matter).


Moral of the story????

...I don't care about age (must be over 21) and I don't care about experience. It's attitude that counts...

...And by the way, if you're under 21, KEEP PRACTICING!!!

If your'e lookin to get out and play (by all means) contact me! 704-777-8555

Lots of practice NOT required!!!

Knot into knot= knot X knot=


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Hendrix, Johnny Winter, REO, Eric Burdon, Rick Derringer, Grand Funk Railroad, Humble Pie, CCR, Little Feat, Joe Bonamassa, Leslie West and many more...

I'm a front man Vocalist/Guitar Player (lots of 3 piece stuff) but couldn't seem to get "Lead Singer" listed below...

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As GrandPaw used to say, enough to get it done...

...and can get more!