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I might be best known mostly as a functional musician to some (hopefully), a feeble disaster to others (definitely). Wholly and completely underqualified on paper, and frequently being a rhythmically unhinged guitarist with way too many great experiences in being exactly that from always playing with and beneath god-like musicians, to have any reason to stop. Also, being perhaps available for an audio assault on whomever might have allowed me to turn the business end of an instrument on them.

For years, it has been the Albuquerque based spontaneous human composition syndrome known as "Yobs in the Snicket". Robert C. Lee on drums and post-production, Grant Garner in the first chair bass seat, Joe Padilla is our associate in the elephant friendly keyboard department, welcoming Daniel Axelrod as our new kid on guitar and "Knobby" the Moog. And of course we will have guests sit in and humble us from time to time. And a few fun and casual involvements, here and there.

The metal on metal sound of somebody's old ride cymbal attempting to alter the symmetry (by definition) of unassuming guitar strings, would be yours truly, sometimes dabbling in a smattering of those black and white things (a useful/useless keyboardist). If for nothing else, I can make a long drive seem a lot shorter. See? You are already there.

Otherwise (I might be pretending to do, or be a/an):

Musician. Performer. Songwriter. Producer. Useful. Useless. Alien. Human. Studio Engineer. Guitarist. Bassist. Drummer. Keyboards. Voice. Noise. Artist Development. Tech. Embellishment. Soundtracks. Commercials. Beats. Sessions. Consulting. Luthier. Composer. Couch Potato. Jumper. Inventor. Expert. Amateur. Yes Man. No Way Dude. Genius. Idiot. Bouncer. Observer. Practitioner of "Richcraft"? (Ooh. Spooky.)

Relocated to New Mexico in 2005 from Southern California... Really.

In any recording heard here, one may encounter the music "electroeccentrikinetic" (all words are made up) through the talents, capacities, directions, guidance, audio smatterings, and/or genius of:
Joseph Kolkovich (composer/keys/bass/guitar/musical superhero/#1 genius), Robert C. Lee (drums/percussion, post production, author), Grant Garner (bass guitar/more), Joe Padilla (keys/drums), Greg Johnson (keys/guitar), Daniel Axelrod (guitar/keys), Daniel Sandweiss (drums), Clive J. Logan (drums/confidence), Steve Gouveia (vocals/guitar/composition), Robert C. Brock (drums/percussion), Harry "Gus" Hache (bass guitar), Jim Wimberly (drums/percussion), Tim Rende (bass guitar), Theo Ernest Goode (bass guitar), Ari Muñoz (guitar/composition), Jarrett Barboa (vocals/composition), Sam Negri (keys/audio engineer), Emiliano Montoya (bass/keys), Ed Been (vocals/bass/guitar), Scott Bates (composition/guitar/vocals), David Chris (drums/attitude), David Dayton (vocals/composition), Brian Wiggins (drums/percussion), Charles Byrnes (drums/percussion), Aaron Lupardis (bass/vocals/composition), Chris Cowman (drums/evil technologies), Chris Martin (competitive drums), Tony Johnson (bass guitar), Melissa Fieck (drums/"she got the power"), Lawrence St. Ours (drums/percussion), Kimberly (vocals) and Tony Chavkin-Moreno (bass guitar), Shawn Robinette (military grade/weaponized drums), Troy Stellman (composition/guitar), Scott Gifford (composition/guitar), Brett Kennedy (celebrity drums and concussions), and perhaps more... The list is growing. Musicians in the "alumni" are also growing. I know there is the possibility that I have (unfortunately) obviously forgotten to add at least one or more musicians (from areas of accomplishment).

Feel free to email me at: abqmusician at the gee thing

If you have time, also check out:
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All selections have copyrights.
All rights reserved.
No shirt, No shoes? No service.
Keep your arms and legs in the ride at all times.
Free car wash with fill up.
You must be this tall to ride.
Smoking in designated areas only.
By appointment only.
Catering available.
Paper straws available on request.
Please tip your waitperson.

A special thanks to the beautiful and wonderfully nice Romelia V. at "Blackwidow Mediography" for some great live photos.

Also to Traci Ravenhawk for photographic and video contribution credits, and group casting and continuity.

On an unfortunate note, our dearly beloved master of ceremonies and drummer, Robert, had to relocate to a state up north. Wishing him the best, we are. We may have to change the name of the group in the near future. In a short search, Daniel Sandweiss will now be welcomed as our default man participant in future duties and privileges related to the throne, and all sceptres derived from the ancient and mysteriously sustainable woodlands. May they always know the truline path, and for-evan's be straight, dry, in excess of warmth, and blessed with promarked skills.

We knight you "Sir Master Vader". Arise and be counted, as you enter the fold. (Amen?)

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Luftmensch Psymphonik
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Jul 15 2021
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Yes. I have partaken in things considered influential. Sometimes i have found myself underneath of an influence.
No shame in that.

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All i have left is a battery operated screw gun, the past, and a phone. Yes, they do work.