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Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums, Keyboard, Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Steel guitar.


I am a vocalist looking to put together an act that is visually engaging to the audience, as well as enjoyable to hear. Music, of course, would be the primary focus. I think it's important to challenge ourselves as musicians and bring the focus of today's entertainment back to musicians who actually play music... if that makes sense.

(band name is subject to change, I'm very flexible and easy to work with)

My main inspirations tend to be industrial rock with a very heavy edge... a lot of "noise" music.

My image for the band is one that sends a kind of in-your-face social, political, and spiritual message. A shock-rock group, if you will. I am hoping to change some of the apathy that we find in today's culture through use of intelligent, passionate, and LOUD freaking music. lol

Have some good ideas for band image including themes, costumes, and the such. Have written some lyrics for songs but need input from other artists. Can read music and have experience singing in choir for several years, but need help with writing music for the songs.

Ideally I'd like to have at least: A drummer, a lead guitarist, a bass guitarist, and a keyboardist. People who really want to rock their hearts out and change the world while doing so.

I have a car and am willing to drive to meetings/practices. I am currently free during most of the week and work only on weekends. May be taking college classes soon, but am flexible about schedule. My level of commitment may go up to touring if I feel that we have put together some good songs worth playing for people. I am very driven to do this, although I don't have much experience. Am willing to give it one hundred percent and hoping to meet like-minded individuals.

If you are interested or even just have questions please email me at: experi_mental at rocketmail

If you are YokobIndustrial22, please do message me (I can't afford the site's membership at this time). I think we may have similar musical goals. ^^

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Liz (me) - vocals, concepts for band image