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Local Lefty looking to join a creative and collaborative process. I do not play the ego game and refuse to support those who do.

I'm not the greatest musician in the world and will not try to come accross as such.

I will however learn my parts, show up on time and prepared to play. My gear always works and I don't whine or act like a child.

In addition to playing guitar, I'm right at home engineering in the studio. Before moving to Boise, I taught audio production for three years at a public university.

I'd like to continue working on original songs.

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Jun 04 2006
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There really isn't a point to this list in my opinion as I feel every musician is influenced by everything they've ever heard. When you think about it this is right up there with asking what kind of music someone plays. There is simply no easy way to answer this.


• Fender Strat (Mexican)
• Agile AL-3000M Prestige Slim (Les Paul Clone)
• Ibanez PF-5 Acoustic w/ Fishman and SH Mic
• Ibanez SR400L Bass

Amp/ Cabinets
• Ampeg SVTIII Pro Bass Head
• 15" Cabinet
• 12" Ampro Cabinet (Antique)

Processing/ Pedals Etc.
• Digitech TSR-12
• ADA MIDI Pedal
• DOD Grunge Pedal
• Morley Classic Wah Pedal