Vocalist, Bass Guitar, Drums, Keyboard.


I'm a guitar player that is looking to play lead, rhythm and possibly basic keyboard parts in a new band.

What am I looking for:

To play in a cover band with:
*musicians that are seasoned
*people that want to have fun yet be semi-serious with their music
*others that understand we are here to please the crowd
*play the music that the masses WANT to hear and not what we like
*musicians that are not interested or worried about playing original tunes

Ok ... so I am currently in a succesful band but am possibly looking to leave it
if I find the right individuals or exsisting band.

I am in a place right now where I understand that being a cover band is about
"selling out" if you will and that is all about the people in the crowd.
People that come out to bars are there to have a good time and get away from it
all and let loose and laugh and have fun. I understand that and that is what I
want to give them. If that means playing Jessie's Girl (which for the record I have
NEVER played that in a band) then that's what I want to play. I want to see
people lauging, dancing or singing. I do NOT want to play tunes that leaves the dance
floor empty, people walking out or not having fun.

The kind of songs I want to play are (but not limited too)
Energy Rock / Dance / Funk / Country / other
Get Down Tonight
Rebel Yell
Play that Funky Music White Boy
Tell Me Baby (Chilli Peppers)
Save a Horse / Ride a Cowboy
Keep Your Hands to Yourself
Mustang Sally
Brown Eyed Girl
Blister in the Sun
Dirty Deeds
Don't Stop
My Own Worst Enemy
Small Things
Honky Tonk Woman
Etc etc

Playing songs that appeal to the masses is what I want to play. I want to play tunes
that 70% of the songs appeal to the people we play for. People call it "cheese" and I know
this but here is my take .... if the people are happy ... they are buying drinks ...
if they are buying drinks .. the bars are happy ... that means they WANT you back.
I want upbeat tunes that people will either dance or sing too .... I also want to play everything with a rock edge .... I want to play crowd pleasing music and throw in some curve balls here and there but mainly danceable and have likeability.

I grew up a rocker ... Ozzy, Dokken, Crue ... etc
But that stuff does NOT go over to the masses. Would love to play it but people would be sitting in their chairs except for the few that would be like OMG .. awesome .. but I want 70% or more engaged and dancing their butts off ...

I am interested in finding 3 or 4 bars that want us back every 3 or 4 months.
I want to play out ONCE a month with the option of possibly playing out twice a month about
4 times a year. With my business I make my money on the weekends so that limits me to
play out ... plus I like my weekends free sometimes as well.

I also like to simplity tunes and make them easier to play and remember.
If a song has a crazy break or something strange in it .. you take it out.
Musicians will know of course but most people will not and it also gives our own spin on the tune.

My strengths ....
My full guitar sound. It is not thin and it always fills the band.
I am all digital .. no amp ... I assure you I get compliments from the sound men all
the time .. its usually a ... wow ... I didn't think it would sound good but it really does.
This leaves stage volume very low. I also use in ear monitors.

My back up singing. I normally do all the high end backing vocals.
I do not consider myself a lead singer at all .... but I can totally
nail Bon Scott era ACDC. Pretty much to a T. This I know I do well.

I can play very simple key parts and I know how to sequence and actually would like to if the drummer can play to a click track.
So .. all in all ... I am an average everday guitarist with well over 20 years of playing.
I have played big venues ... my biggest venue to date is closing out gigs for bands like
Motley Crue and Poison in front of thousands of people. It's fun but it was a lot of work
as it was a 2 day event. I have release a legit CD and recorded in the sames studios
as people like Justin Timerblake, Depeche Mode ... etc But I am not looking to make it big
and really all the above doesn't mean much. I am just throwing that in there so you know
I am going to be pretty decent. :)

Ok ... so ... hopefully you get a pretty full understanding of what I want... for me its easy.

Please the crowd .. give them what THEY want to hear and pack the place.
I want professional sound (rental gear / soundman or serious gear you own).
I want lights .. ( I am willing to buy ) and I want to excute well and sound good.
I am not a dick .. but I do want to come to practices (at leat 90%) prepared.
I do expect people to know their stuff but I am not looking for perfection.
Heck .. I mess up live at times but I correct quickly.

I want to keep song layouts simple and easy to remember and I don't care if we play the cheese
stuff because if MANY bands are playing it, obviously the crowd wants to hear it.
I want to see people dancing and singing and I only want to play those tunes.
With that said .... I do believe that each band member should or can pick 1 song
they really have wanted to play or enjoy playing even if the crowd doesn't like it.
Other than that .. the other 30 to 40 or so is for the crowd. I hope you can see my
vision and I am hoping to find others who feel the same.

Please .. no drugs and no major drinking at practice.

I like to laugh ... have fun ... work out problems .. but am serious about sounding good
and having people go .... "Great show ! Wow having a great time! " Etc ..
I actually enjoy playing cover tunes and really enjoy feeding off the energy of the crowd.

PS - My only OTHER option for a band is ... playing in an ACDC Tribute band as I can nail all the
Bon Scott stuff.

There is a video to see on here that is a little dated but you can hear me sing lead on Dirty Deeds and the high backing vocals in other tunes and listen to my guitar playing a little.
There is also a song sample that gives you a peak at how I blend with a band and you can hear me doing all the high harmonies and 90% of the backups is me. All the guitar work is me.

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