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I play guitar and bass guitar primarily, and have considerable performance experience with each instrument. Although I studied guitar at Columbia College in Chicago and have strong theory knowledge, I am not a schooled, technical virtuoso type. Don't get me wrong, I've got some skills, but I function better in support of a song than in support of my. . . ahem. . .well. . .you know. I play a lot of bass lately. Sort of punk but not totally. Also, I play the keys at home all the time.

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What do I like? Well. . .the sixties and seventies! Beatles, Beach Boys, Bowie, Zombies, Stooges, Coltrane, Miles, Yes, King Crimson, Black Sabbath, CAROLE KING!, Mmmmmm Carole King!, the Police (mostly 80's I know but. . .)


lots of stuff.
most notaby:
'65 Gibson ES-345
David Eden 4x10 bass cab