Providing music for the Film and TV market.....SKY HIGH MUSIC LABS is dedicated to the very best backing tracks for vocalist and to answer the call for whats needed in the Film and TV market.
NOTE: If you have never tried backing tracks, there are 2 types. The 1st one is tracks of known
popular songs..of which you can buy else where. the 2nd is originals.....Of which I do..... There are a lot of hit records being done this way... If you can create lyrics and melody on Top Quality Original Backing Track, then you have something to be truely proud.... Give it a try My profile page has about 4 track beds there.. All these vocals on this page started as backing tracks... We split 50/50 at no cost to you.... details on request!
MEMBER of Taxi Music in L.A.
Song Town in Nashville ...... Atrium Music, Pasadena
Soundbetter World Wide..... Dearth Music, L.A.
AudiosparX in L.A.........Gateway Music,, England
Mino Music, South Africa...C&S Media, N.Y.
Boah Music in Norway... Urban Twist Music, L.A.
Just to name a few....
and of course BANDMIX

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Marvin Floyd
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Feb 24 2018
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Looking for vocalists. We split 50/50
We have contracts with 13 different publishers to shop our projects. A Chance to help create some really good stuff Welcome