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Small project studio... Big sound! Educated and expierienced engineer. SAE Graduate.
Running Pro Tools LE on PC and Mac.
Simultanious 24 track recording, 48 on playback. Analog front end and lots of outboard gear including tubes, compressors and TC voice pro. Mackie HR 824's with HR120 sub. Alternate JBL/Pyle custom speakers. Fully treated control and tracking room.
2 discrete mono heaphone mixes. Isolated drum booth and other sound control baffles. Custom drum kit and many Longo custom solid snares to choose from.
Mastering of pre-recorded material, transfer of cassettes/records to cd. Graphic design, pictures and video available. Call 570-956-3593 for free consultaion and other services.

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Matt Longo
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Matt Longo
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Mar 08 2008
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One hour free set-up.
8 hours record/mix.
4 free cd's.

$50 and hour