Vocalist, Bass Guitar, Keyboard, Harmonica.


I am a Guitar player, Bass guitar, Lead Vocals, background vocals, some Keyboards, Mature but very fit.
I have a band; they are all pro's and have other bands as well. So I'm expanding my horizons. I put up these covers songs and I just knock them out to gain more chops. Current songs are me David Ballenger; producer, engineer, all guitar , all bass , keys, vocals; drums (Burticus) Burt Usry II; special thanks for Tommy Williams 2nd vocal on Comfortably Numb. I do have band recordings on another day I will put some of them up.
I literally have over 80 covers songs that have at least drums in the can.
My main things Guitar, I've been a bass player too and I will do that for the right song or situation. My keyboard playing I can make work in the record situation but a dedicated keyboard player is a beautiful thing. I love to use arpegiattors. If my singing works for you then good. The more competent singing the better. I definitely don't mind sharing vocals; in fact it's preferred.
We do a lot of covers but I've read a lot of biographies to know that all the best are the best at covering their favorite artists; that's what & how they do it to learn to write their songs and audition their players.
I have a recording studio. It's ultimately about recording original songs; in my opinion if you are good at figuring out and arranging other peoples music it's only going to help your original music
I have drums Miced up and record ready for our convenience. Bass & Bass Rig available for you or you can bring your own of course. It just facilitates quickness for rehearsals and recording.
It's always set to record here. I record everything. Typical 3 hours of 16 track recording is like 18 Gigabytes. I just like to be comfortable recording; it's in the background so I can forget that it is even recording. I took a long to get that achieved; but it in the end it has been a GREAT thing; because I don't think about anything but playing now while we are recording and people aren't self concious in the recording process and you never know when a brilliant moment will hit.====

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66 years


Beatles, Led Zeppelin, U2, Tom Petty, ZZ Top, Rolling Stones, Fleetwood Mac (old & newer), 60's British Invasion, some Alternative. Sound Garden, Metallica. Classic rock sensibility. Classic country rock (loved Ronstadt, Jackson Browne, James Taylor). I'm good at finger picking. Elvis Costello, Eclectic taste, Pink Floyd, No heavier then LedZep or Metallica, or Alternative for me.
I will play anything from any era if it's a great song and there are always great songs in any era. I'd say with the popularity of music and a lot of these artists are leaving us their is a great advantage to knowing a lot of material. Material that once was very popular and has a resonance and now is not being used it is just a big opportunity. When Fleetwood Mac tickets sell for $6000.00 each that is all the proof you need.
Song list:
@protools file *tempo !Arrangement #perform $Dropbox % Drums ^Bass &Guitar +Vocal
1. Have A Drink On Me@$%! AC DC
2. Adam's Song@$% Blink 182
3. 20 Little Things@*!#$%+ Bush
4. December Song@$% Collective Soul
5. Psychotic Reaction@$% Count 5
6. I'm So Glad@$% Cream
7. N.S.U.@$% Cream
8. 13 Politician@*!#$% Cream
9. 4 Siting On Top Of The World@*!#$%+ Cream
10. Spoonful!@$% Cream
11. Personal Jesus@$% Depeche Mode
12. So Serious ELO
13. The Chain!@$% Fleetwood Mac
14. Alright Now Free
15. Dirty White Boy@% Foreigner
16. The Ark@*!$% Gerry Rafferty
17. I Found Out About You@*$% Gin Blossoms
18. 17 Flagpole Sitta@*#$%^ Harvey Danger
19. 14 Megalomaniac@*!#$% Incubus DADGBe
20. Foxey Lady@$% Jimi Hendrix
21. Hey Joe@$% Jimi Hendrix
22. 5 Manic Depression@*!#$% Jimi Hendrix Eb Standard
23. Purple Haze@*$% Jimi Hendrix
24. 9 Red House@*#$% Jimi Hendrix 1/2 Dwn
25. VooDoo Chile Slight Return@$% Jimi Hendrix
26. 3 Dancing Days@*!#$%^+ Led Zeppelin EGDGBd
27. 22 Dazed & Confused@*#$% Led Zeppelin
28. 8 Heartbreaker@*!#$% Led Zeppelin
29. 10 I Can't Quit You@*!#$%+ Led Zeppelin
30. 15 Kashmir@*#$% Led Zeppelin DADGAd
31. 23 Living Lovin' Maid@*#$% Led Zeppelin
32. 24 Misty Mountain Hop@#$% Led Zeppelin
33. What Is And What Should@!$% Led Zeppelin
34. When The Levee Breaks@$% Led Zeppelin
35. Whole Lotta Love@$% Led Zeppelin
36. 18 My Little Red Book@*#$% Love
37. 19 Seven And Seven Is@*#$% Love
38. For Whom The Bell Tolls@$% Metallica
39. Whiskey In The Jar@!$% Metallica
40. I See You Everywhere@$% Monte Montgomery
41. 21 Tobacco Road@*#!$% Nashville Teens
42. When You Dance@#$% Neil Young DADGBe
43. Heart Shaped Box Nirvana DropD 1/2Dwn
44. 6 Shock Of The Lightning@!#%&+ Oasis
45. 1 Comfortably Numb@*!#$%+ Pink Floyd
46. Pets@$% Porno For Pyros
47. I Am A Rock@!$% Simon & Garfunkel
48. Born To Be Wild!@$% Steppenwolf
49. Cold Shot!@$% Stevie Ray Vaughan
50. Little Girl@$% Syndicate of Sound
51. It's My Life@!#$% The Animals
52. Got To Get You Into My Life@$% The Beatles
53. I Want You (She's So Heavy)@$% The Beatles
54. Rain@$% The Beatles
55. Strawberry Fields The Beatles
56. You Can't Do That@$% The Beatles
57. She Sells Sanctuary@$% The Cult
58. Crystal Ship@*!$% The Doors
59. 2 Light My Fire@*!#$% The Doors 1/2 Dwn
60. Victim Of Love The Eagles
61. Friday On My Mind!@$% The Easybeats
62. Secret Separation!@$% The Fixx
63. Name@*#$%+ The GooGoo Dolls DAEAEe
64. Sunny Afternoon@*!$% The Kinks
65. A Girl Like You!@$% The Smithereens
66. Gloria@% Them
67. I Won't Back Down@%*#$ Tom Petty
68. 11 Mary Janes Last Dance@*!#$% Tom Petty
69. 16 Out In The Cold@*!#$% Tom Petty
70. Runnin Down A Dream@%*!#$ Tom Petty
71. A Friend I Call Desire@!$% Ultravox
72. One Small Day@!$% Ultravox
73. Ain't Talkin Bout Love@$% Van Halen
74. Runnin' With The Devil@$% Van Halen
75. 12 Slither@*!#$% Velvet Revolver DADGBe
76. Shapes Of Things@$% The Yardbirds
77. Movin' On Down The Line!@$% ZZ Top
78. Sharp Dressed Man@$% ZZ Top
not even everything

Members Of Band

I would like anybody that can sing anything in a vocal range I can't sing. Robert Plant, Bob Seeger, Billy Gibbons, Steve Perry, or Layne Staley (my young protoge may you rest in peace ). What do you have is my question?? Essentially the higher octave stuff or conversely deep and thick.?.?. I want to do songs and not be constrained by what I can't sing. I grew up in an era of good harmony singing and that is what I would want to achieve for a band.
You can hear my singing in these songs and I have lot more to come on that front; it's up to you what you think of it.
I would love access to a good blues harp player.
I love playing with other guitar players. As long as we play together for love of music and not cheap competition.
Guitar, Bass, Drums, keys in a modern era like this people can have many bands. I see it happen routinely. I use to run the largest rehearsal studios in the Northwest during the Grunge era and I have been playing in bands since I was 14 years old and so I know a who's who of musicians and you hear them on the radio daily. I just want to be a player and I had to work very hard to get everything portable and ERGONOMIC to be able to do that. I have it very simplified; in fact as simple and ergonomic as I can get it.
Just like a guy with a skate board or a surf board, I (we) do this most importantly because this is what we would want to do regardless of money, fame, or fortune because that can all be quite fleeting.


I'm not a collector so I only have what I use!
Fender Eric Johnson Strat, Plek System guitar adjustment, EMG SA pickup system
Gibson Les Paul Studio Deluxe, EMG 81 & EMG 85 Pickup system
Gibson SG
Custom Strat w/ Seymour Duncan Jeff Beck Humbucker pick up (1 pickup; volume only, direct and none more needed)
Alvarez MP20 Acoustic guitar; concert body size, Seymour Duncan SA Acoustic Pickup system
1965 Yamaki Acoustic Guitar; vintage early japanese knockoff of a Martin D35 Dreadnought. Seymour Duncan SA Acoustic Pickup system
1980 Ovation Celebrity (shallow bowel, my travel guitar, Seymour Duncan Woody XL passive pickup; this is according to a John Lennon biography was the model of acoustic guitar he used to use in his bed-in era at the Dakota)
Donovan Amp Blue Meanie (Boutigue Vox AC30 top boost design)
Donovan Amp Stromberg Carlsen (Boutigue conversion of a 1950's era PA head into Marshall JTM45 type). A gift from my good friend Gary Donovan of Donovan amplifiers.
Egnater Rebel 20 Amplifier
Fender Super Champ XD 12 watts Class A (most importantly mated with open back 2-12" Celecstion Greenbacks Cab). The trick with small amps is not to use those little brittle sounding 8" or 10" speakers.
Fender Vibro Champ XD 5 watts Class A (most importantly mated with open back 2-12" Celestion Greenbacks Cab). I read this is what Chris Cornell used. Controlled feedback for days without killing a small club or everybody in rehearsal or recording.
FX & Footpedals:
Fractal Audio Axe FX IIXL+, Fractal Audio MFC-101 Mark III Midi Foot controller;
Throback StoneBender (Boutique Sola Sound ToneBender clone; what Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck used for early Yardbirds, LedZep etc.)
Bass setup:
Schecter Stealth Stiletto 4 string Bass; Active electronics and most importantly excellent sustain
Gallien Krueger 700 RB MKII w/ Peavey 2-15" Black Widow Speakers.
Axiom Pro 61 keyboard
Yamaha P90 Keyboard (weighted 88 keys)
Yamaha DX-7 Keyboard
PA system:
5000 watt 3 way xover PA
QSC k-12's 1000 watt biamped.
Studio setup:
Computers: 2- I7 Computers with Ethernet , USB, HDMI extension to 3- 40" video monitors; 32 Gb Ram, 14 Terrabytes of Hard Drive, ProTools 12.xx, Ableton Live Suite, Studio One 2, Reaper; almost every Waves plug in. Revoice Pro. Slate SS4. etc. 800 Gbytes of East/West; Omnisphere.
Lynx Aurora 16 VT AD/DA conversion.
14 Channels of Daking; 2 Pre/Eq, 4 Pre 4's, 2 FETII Compressors
2 Channels of Axe FXIIXL+ hardwired in for 16 channels of audio tracking.
14 Channels of Daking + 2 channels of AxeFx = 16 channel recording. (my modern version of the Rolling Stone mobile; I belong to a few forums and the general consensus of a lot of the professionals seems to be if you can't record a audio recording with 16 tracks the equipment is not the problem.)
16 Channels of splitters. Split one side to PA system and Split one side to Record system.
Ergonomic portable system; that fits in a trailer to go record anywhere.
Sony Vegas Pro, Canon Video Camera, GoPro Hero 4 music edition, Ipad Pro 256 GB. IPad 2.
General info:
Currently in Pro Rehearsal Studio
Interstate 35E at Commonwealth Ave.
Dallas, Texas