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The first song is an accomp. track of Amy Grant's ''Christmas to remember''. I recorded it during a practice for my upcoming Gig Locally in Dec.

Each song I have written comes from a personal experience I have had with
another and with God. Praise God for His amazing expressive way with music.

Lyrics to a few of my songs : Wednesday, September 26, 2007 - 1:32 PM

After learning of a pastor with als,& another pastor with cancer,& the recent news of my precious mother Diagnosed with cancer,(We are believing with prayer she is healed!). May my prayers help them in their greatest time of need.

Verse 1:
Lord my God
Will you hold,
Each & everyone,
In the palm,
Of your hand,
As your will be done.
I come to you in prayer.

& I sing, Father, lift them up.
I sing, Jahovah lift them up,As I sing,
Jesus,Jesus,Jesus lift them up.

Somewhere in the silence I hear that still small voice
And it becons each of us to draw near, Draw ne-ar.

& I trust in You Father, I trust in you.
I Lean on your Jesus, I lean on you.
Yes, I lean on you Jesus, I lean on you
I trust in You.

Verse 2:
I lay burdens down
At your feet
And pray for miracles.

Surendering to
Your perfect plan
With healing hands to guide,
I come to you in prayer.

Written & Sung by Melanie
© 2007


C D sharp D Sharp
Lord my God

B flat Dsharp D Sharp
Will You Hold

AFlat C C EFlat F
Each and eve- ry one.

C Dsharp DSharp Bflat Dsharp Dsharp
In The Palm Of your hands

AFlat C C E Flat F
As Your Will Be Done.

BFlat C C sharp Bflat A Flat A sharp
I Come to You in Pray- er.

A Flat A Flat G G Sharp Eflat G Sharp G Sharp Asharp Asharp
As I sing Fath- er Lift The- -------- -m up.
A Flat A sharp A sharp C B Flat A Flat Asharp C C Dsharp
I sing Ja --- ho - o - o - vah Lift The - m



I wrote this song after the heartbreaking passing of my precious Grandmother. I sang ''Gift of You''at one of her memorials. What a true gift to have known her.I cheerish all of the time spent with her. The significant dates in the song are 1939:the year they met at age 13 in school, 1944: The year grandma and Grandpa married, 1972: The year one of her grand daughter's was born (myself).


You recieved a precious gift in 1939
if love can travel back in time,
then I want to savor the moment,
savor the gift of You.

I savor the gift of you in 1939.
Your love is wrapped around my heart,
I cheerish your smiles,
& memorize your words,
Remembering your love so true.
I savor the gift of you.

You received a precious gift in 1944.
Highschool sweethearts & wedding bells,
A love that last forever more.
I want to savor the moment,
Savore the gift of you.

I savore the gift of you in 1944.
Your love is wrapped around our hearts,
We cheerish your smiles,
& memorize your words,
Remembering your love so true,
We savor the gift of you.

I received a precious gift in 1972
You became my dear grandma,
A daughter of the pioneers
& I want to savor the moment,
Savor the gift of you.

I savor the gift of you in 1972.
Your love is wrapped around my heart,
I cheerish your smiles,
& memoreize your words,
Remebering your love so true.
I savor the gift of yo-ooou.

written & sung by: Melanie
© 2007
This song simply came as I looked back upon this year and all the losses our family & myself have endured. I was thinking, on how through it all, He is shaping me to the person he has called me to be.As painful as it may be, I trust His plan, is far better than my own wants and needs. May it minister to any heart troubled by lifes struggles.


(He is cultivating my heart in the quiet of the dawn.)
verse 1:
For those moments when
I think,
I just can't carry on.
His light shines in
& His ever present love brings
life to this heart once again.
He is re-arranging, changing me
from with in.

He's cultivating my heart,
in the quiet of the dawn.
He's cultivating my heart,
when His timing is just so.
He's cultivating my heart.
As I turn my heart towards Him,
It is then, I see,
Day has just begun.

Verse 2:
His word speaks truth
to my ever longing heart.
He is my comfort
in my greatest time of need.
He shapes me, makes me
all I am Today. He's re-arranging,
ever changing me,
From within.

Bridge :
As life brings me to my knees.
He gently re-reminds me, a mustard seed of faith
is all that is required. Trusting Him, knowing Him,
all plans are better left to Him.He promises never to forsake.

written & sung by: Melanie
© 2007
I wrote this song as I was thinking on all the many times I just want to sit and praise you Father,
But my loved ones need me too at times. I realize then, I am giving to you & doing your will everytime I do, that I am your Hands and feet for others.For I give it up as an offering to you even when it isn't easy.


While deep in prayer,
Your child is needing me.
putting down my bible,
I tend to her instead.
& follow your will.
for I am your hands and feet.

In a world thats so in need.

knowing i am living your word
when I give you my all
every moment of the day
no matter what i am doing
I am giving it In the name of the Lord.

While Resting in your peace,
a hard day your child is having,
wishing I could stay awhile Lord
(with you)& yet....I know they need me too.
Give me strength and guide me
as I reach out in your loving care.
May I be your hands and feet.

written by Melanie:
© 2007


Holy Spirit
Flow through me
As you patiently
remind me of your truth
& your love for me.

Verse 1:
It seems i've lost sight again
of how You see me, your beloved child.
I cant help but want to beleive
The untruths that echo in my ears .

why is it aways easier to believe
others over you who created & love me.
The temptations of this world
bring me to my knees

Father God,
Have mercy,
hold me just a while now.
i ask you to forgive
all the lies i believed.

please hold me just a while,
I ask you to forgive me
For all the lies I believed.

for not holding ,your truth in my heart
in times like these.

written by Melanie:
© 2007


Does it seems your heart's desires
Just always out of reach
No matter how you try
can't make your dreams
work out right.
then. grab hold of the one who knows
you well, who find's a perfect way and time :

So just follow your dreams and I'll follow mine
as we walk this road til it's our time.
Just follow your dreams & I'll follow mine.
Knowing His best, is gunna find a way.
somehow, someday, when we least expect it.
So follow your dreams & I'll follow mine.
For He is in control & nothing is impossiable
with Him. Our dremas are all with in His reach.
So follow your dreams & I'll follow mine.

You see His timing ,
means everything,
to this heart of mine.
Knowing I can trust Him,
until the end of time.
& When the time is right,
I hear Him calling me
So I grab hold of the one who knows
me well ,who finds a perfect way & time.

As I dream my dreams with Him.

written by: Melanie
© 2007
This song Was inspired after a conversation I had with a friend. My prayer is... Lord use me to help others see your love through me.


Reign down your spirit upon me.
For I emurse in your love your light.
Which Burns bright
Like a candel in the night.
on bended knees, I'm
taken by your beauty,
I'm taken by
your grace.

Arms open wide
I embrace you unconditional One.
A Heart For You ,
I Embrace your Unconditional love.
Conveying your beauty
I live for you Gentle creator
Graced with, You In Me,
Flow through & move
in ways that I can not.
I embrace you,Unconditional Love.

From with in,your grace through me.
That I may be, the silence others need
Less of me and more of You
Like A hand that gives,in time of need.
bowing in prayer,
I'm taken by your peace,
I'm drawn by your mercy.

Written by Melanie
© 2007
This song was written after recieving an email from a friend, Who's Son Fell 25' this past week while working. His story I will be posting in a new blog posting soon. It is an amazing & miraculous story of how he not only survived this horrific fall but by the grace of God can move all limbs still! Prayers are needed for his long recovery. We give many Thanks To God for protecting Him with His many angels and as His Loving Hands holding Him as He Fell.


theres times in life
we question
our own purpose..
other times we know
there surely is
a reason we're still here.
Only God knows the answer.

(but)For the grace
of God go I
moving Forth, embracing Life
He gave abundantly
That I could live
with purpose, &

(Ohhh I'm)Greatful for
the chance at life.
ohhhh, I serve him,
every moment that I have.
Knowing life is precious.
I Remember,
my life is in His hands.
Blessed to live & serve Him,
I give back all I can.
I am greatful for my life.

Written by Melanie
© 2007


Lord, I need you
Lord, I loveyou,
every day

Lord I run to
Lord I lean on

In my life.
Cuz you mean
to this heart of mine.
In this l-ife.
Yes you mean eveerything in
the world to me.
In this li-fe.
repeat verse-1

Written by Melanie
© 2007


all that I have
comes from you
I rest my head on you Lord
for all that i know
is given by you
I walk this life with you
Yes,I walk this life with you Lord.

Trusting in ...your love
trusting in ...your love
trusing in ....your love.
I walk this life with,
I walk this life , with you Lord.

Verse -2
all of my trials, I face with You.
I put my trust in you Lord.
For your word speaks truth
in my life.
I sow your word , in my soul
I sow your word, in my soul

trusting in ...your ways.
Trusting in ....your ways.
trusting in your ways
I sow your word, in my soul.
Yes,I sow your word, in my soul.

You are there, anytime I call,
You are always at my side
Yes, you live with in,
this i know,
yes i feel,you move,in my soul
yes i feel you move ,in my soul.

I walk this life with you,
I sow your word,in my soul
Yes,i walk this life with you
Yes, I walk this life with you,my Lord.

Written by Melanie
© 2007

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