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I am finally updating my profile after several major unwanted life changes. In 2016 during a planned long break in performing I chose to have a small cyst growing at my right wrist between the two tendons of my thumb. I was assured the surgery was common, very quit, and should never harm my ability to play any instrument. Sadly, the surgeon botched the surgery and ruined my right hand and wrist. My thumb works fine now though. Yes, that was a joke. Anyway, it quickly became obvious I could no longer play longer than a few minutes at a time and some instruments not at all anymore! Then for unrelated reasons in December 2017 I was hit in my one and only moving violation causing me to lose my truck. The cheap insurance I had told me when I called to report the accident, they had ended my insurance in October of the same year. Florida further screwed me for the accident being uninsured. The money it would cost, plus the money to repair my truck was way over anything I had or could ever borrow. I was barely able to finish all those Heart songs posted here. Luckily I had most of every song already done, but many of the songs have poor drumming and a few poor guitar solos I used to play easily. Now I have about $250,000.00 worth of gear and I can’t perform live gigs or do much studio work anymore. I still would love to find one or more female singers that can sing as Ann & Nancy did back in the mid 1970s so the songs posted could finally be finished instead of instrumentals. All this happened before COVID-19 that closed most or all venues inside and outside. I don’t know precisely how bad it was or still is as of March 25, 2021, but I’m presuming it has hurt or killed off many venues and bands. Now, all I want is to finish the Heart songs posted with all vocals and some drums I played poorly. I had hoped all my life that I might do enough for some who heard or saw me perform might think of my skills once in a while. However, with what I’ve written about what happened, it seems all my life’s work has been for nothing. Without vocals, I can’t even post some or all of these wonderful Heart songs to at least be seen on be where my work in just one band might live long after I pass away. Thanks for reading this and best wishes to whatever you are doing or wish to do with your music skills.

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Oh lord, there's not enough room to list all the gear I have including two full PA system for different size venues. And I agree with something I read on another profile...without the talent, the gear means nothing.