Vocalist, Vocalist - Soprano, Keyboard, Piano, Vocalist - Alto, Electronic Music.


Site is huge benefit to the greater musical community. Appreciation for Bandmix efforts and skills.

Vocal QUARKTET six-piece (x3M x3F) orchestral big beat folk rock band. Songs and harmonies; exciting and theatrically-structured stage act.

> SKS= F Piano-Keyboards Vox = need one. *S-S* welcome. <
Christine McVie; Nicki Hopkins styling; Loreena McKennitt; Amy Lee.
>> Substance issues discouraged. <<

What is your style?= Kate Bush; Stevie Nicks; Jeff Buckley; Priyanka Chopra; KD Lang; Sheryl Crow; Alison Krauss. Pretty Reckless, Evanescence; et al.

World and dance beats; eclectic modalities and musicals-level lyrics rather than all-blues all the time. Orchestral; cinematic; Celtic-Viking elements.

Also dance hall Lerner & Lowe ! or - - - As they say on Broadway= You cannot get out of its way!

Folk ROCK Pop Vox Ensemble (band that can sing, play, produce and write, e.g. Beatles, Fleetwood Mac).

History= prior LP of movie song submittals, production award and rock opera. Production deal in hand.

PROFESSIONALS (x3 )with over six thousand stage sets of experience including rock opera, musicals and theater. {Been to the rodeo.} Co-producer--engineer has over fifteen thousand stage sets.

MARKET: Videos; movie songs; webisodes; multi-media; rock operas (previously previewed well in NYC).

= = Vocalist-baritone; multi-instrumentalist: guitar; bass; harmonica (strap); keys; percussion; songwriter; arranger; rock opera, video and screenplay scriptwriter. x2000 stage sets experience. Day job = pro writer WGA includes videography and screenplays; technical, social science fiction; poetry. Award-winning producer for 1998 centennial War Of The Worlds (HG Wells).

AV on g-mail at mdtaichi=
> can leave msg at 91768SIX233FOUR=
IF YOU HAVE VALID REASON, contact. Did I mention good humor and sobriety?

Bottom Line= Write, sing, play well= Rehearse and arrange as if our lives depend on it!
Combinant = Beatles--Fleetwood Mac--co-ed David Bowie as in dancey; big vocals; smart; eclectic; exotic.

"Leonard Cohen with a back beat!"
-- Judah Bauer of Blues Explosion

If you cannot read chord charts - - probably not for you.

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SOUP OPERA! Conjure Celtic modality Fleetwood Mac iteration with Revolver/Peppers-era Beatles as tribal dance remix; Pink Floyd orchestral prog; sci-fi Mamas & Papas harmonies; post-AOR. If you have to ask ~ ~ ~ World rhythms; exotic F-M quarktet harmonies; textured top-drawer lyrics; cinematix (that means movie songs).

NYC mgt group rep says = focus = FOLK METAL POP ROCK angle.

Orchestral Folk Rock! + Rock Opera; big-beat vox ensemble. POP just means that people like it and download or buy - what else?! FOLK= modalities (Dorian, Andalusian, Euxinian); Americana (Texican, Dylan, tribal hippies); World (Celtic-Viking-Westeros, Irish, Slavic, African, reggae, raga, Asian steppes, maqam). Dancey= RnB Rock'n'Reel. Genres= includes classical as well as folk; rock; pop; world.

*** BEATLES; FLEETWOOD MAC. also= JS Bach; Cotton Club, Rogers & Hammerstein, Chuck Berry, Dylan (see Cold Irons Bound), Johnny Cash, The Who, Bob Marley, David Bowie, Kate Bush, Peter Gabriel, Eurhythmics, Loreena McKennitt, Shakira, Sheryl Crow. Led Zeppelin, Karliene Reynolds; Faun; Bollywood. Lin-Manuel Miranda *** Sia Furler

PRODUCER influences= Quincy Jones; George Martin; Alan Parsons, Lindsey Buckingham, Rick Rubin, et al. (est. billion LPs collectively). Jim Steinman (more than Meat Loaf), Sam Phillips, Henry T-Bone Burnett.

VIDEO= Propaganda Films; Lana del Rey; Tom Petty (as in how many awards?); Game of Thrones (Winter Is Coming); Samuel Bayer; classics cinema; Gotye; Curtis Hanson; Gabriello Marquez and Philip K Dick tones. Social science fiction. ZHINN PODD-tm
Studios, management rep & lawyer active.
Recommended to L00v00K= serious talents seen on BMix= prog-rockers Suitcase Nuke #514637; killer guitar Brennan Dylan #1097475; loungey lizard Kira Hooks #1105480.

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SHAMU= = mostly Gretsch on guitar and Hofner on bass; bunch of good microphones; 32-track home studio (come help do inventory)!

HOFNER live and also FENDER bass; x6+ guitars= Gretsch, Martin, Epiphone and Takamine; vintage Gretsch slide. Keys= Yamaha baby grand and Alesis keys and software. Harmonicas and strap. Marshall, Peavey and Ampeg BA500 combo amps. Macintosh software. Sennheiser microphones and 32-track home studio, LOL et al.
Truck for local-regional transport. House with music rooms. Resources= As we need. Seriously. =x=