Vocalist, Vocalist - Soprano, Lead Guitar, Keyboard, Piano, Vocalist - Alto, Cello, Electronic Music.


Site is huge benefit to the greater musical community. Appreciation for Bandmix efforts and skills.

next-gen co-ed Beatles for grown ups; Fleetwood Mac.
Vocal QUARKTET big-beat folk pop rock band with orchestral effects. Songs and harmonies; exciting and theatrically-structured stage act.

> SKS= F soprano-alto Vox. *S-S* welcome. <
Piano-Keyboards= Christine McVie; Nicki Hopkins styling; Loreena McKennitt; Amy Lee.
>> Substance issues discouraged. <<

What is your style?= Kate Bush; Stevie Nicks; Jeff Buckley; Priyanka Chopra; KD Lang; Sheryl Crow; Alison Krauss. Pretty Reckless, Evanescence, Paramore; Aguilera; Miley Cyrus; et al.

World and dance beats; eclectic modalities and musicals-level lyrics rather than all-blues all the time. Orchestral; cinematic; Celtic-Viking elements.

Dance hall 1958 R'n'R energy with synthesized orchestral effects and beats-percussion.

Folk ROCK Pop Vox Ensemble (band that can sing, play, produce and write, e.g. Beatles, Fleetwood Mac). It is that hard - - I get it.

History= prior LP of movie song submittals, production award and rock opera. Production deal in hand. Legal-management support.

Professional Singer-Songwriter-Producer with approximately two thousand stage sets and/or studio sessions of experience > including rock opera, musicals and theater. {Been to the rodeo!}

MARKET: Videos; movie songs; webisodes; multi-media; rock operas (previously previewed well in NYC).

= = Vocalist-baritone; multi-instrumentalist: guitar; bass; harmonica (strap); keys; percussion; songwriter; arranger; rock opera, video and screenplay scriptwriter. x2000 stage sets experience. Day job = pro writer WGA includes videography and screenplays; technical, social science fiction; poetry. Award-winning producer for centennial War Of The Worlds (HG Wells); over x1500 entries.

AV on g-mail at mdtaichi=
> can leave msg at 91768SIX233FOUR=
IF YOU HAVE VALID REASON, contact. Did I mention good humor and sobriety?

Bottom Line= Write, sing, play well= Rehearse and arrange as if our lives depend on it!
Combinant = co-ed Beatles--Fleetwood Mac. Dancey; big beat with harmony vocals; smart; eclectic; exotic.

"Leonard Cohen with a back beat!"
-- Judah Bauer of Blues Explosion (open song for BABY DRIVER)

If you cannot read chord charts and follow click track - -> probably not for you.

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SOUP OPERA! Conjure modal Fleetwood Mac iteration with Revolver/Peppers-era co-ed Beatles as tribal dance remix; Roger Waters Pink Floyd orchestral prog elements; sci-fi Mamas & Papas harmonies; post-AOR. If you have to ask ~ ~ ~ World rhythms; exotic F-M quarktet harmonies; textured top-drawer musicals-level lyrics; cinematix movie songs.
Seems ancient because no one has pulled it off in ages.

NYC mgt group rep says = focus = FOLK ELECTRONICA POP ROCK angle.

Orchestral Folk Rock! + Rock Opera; big-beat vox ensemble. FOLK= modalities (Dorian, Andalusian, Euxinian); Americana (Texican, Dylan, tribal hippies); World (Celtic-Viking-Westeros, Irish, Slavic, African, reggae, raga, Asian steppes, maqam). Dancey= RnB Rock'n'Reel. Genres= includes classical as well as folk; rock; pop; world.

*** BEATLES; FLEETWOOD MAC. also= JS Bach; Cotton Club, Rogers & Hammerstein and/or Lerner & Lowe, Chuck Berry, Dylan (see Cold Irons Bound), Johnny Cash, The Who, Bob Marley, David Bowie, Kate Bush, Peter Gabriel, Eurhythmics, Loreena McKennitt, Shakira, Sheryl Crow. Led Zeppelin, Karliene Reynolds; Faun; Bollywood. Lin-Manuel Miranda *** Sia Furler

PRODUCER influences= Quincy Jones; George Martin; Alan Parsons, Lindsey Buckingham, Rick Rubin, et al. (est. billion LPs collectively). Jim Steinman (more than Meat Loaf), Sam Phillips, Henry T-Bone Burnett; Gamble & Huff.

VIDEO= Propaganda Films; Lana del Rey; Tom Petty (as in how many awards?); Game of Thrones (Winter Is Coming); Samuel Bayer; classics cinema; Gotye; Curtis Hanson; Gabriello Marquez and Philip K Dick tones. Social science fiction. ZHINN PODD-tm
Studios, management rep & lawyer active.
Recommended to L00v00K= serious talents seen on BMix= prog-rockers Suitcase Nuke #514637; killer guitar Brennan Dylan #1097475; loungey lizard Kira Hooks #1105480.

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LIVE as S-S= Sing with Gretsch guitar and Hofner bass; bunch of good microphones.
> 32-track home studio (come help do inventory)! <

Multiple basses and guitars.\ Keys= Yamaha baby grand and Alesis keys; Akai's and software. Harmonicas and strap. Marshall, Peavey and Ampeg BA500 combo amps. Macintosh software. Sennheiser microphones and 32-track home studio, LOL et al. Approx million cables.
Truck for local-regional transport. House with music rooms. Resources= As we need. Seriously. =x=

I absolutely love the diss-commentary on the Beatles! OMG what if I referenced Bing Crosby?!