I am a very experienced guitarist, singer and bassist that played in a pop punk band throughout my high school years as well as a progressive rock(Frank Zappa influenced) band so we incorporated many different genres. I love and can play just about any genre besides country (I dont mind country music I just cant do some of the crazy fingerpicking stuff they do). I can and will play blues, metal, jazz, indie, punk, thrash etc really as long as I dig it and have good people to play with I'm down. I really have been into more Indie rock like Shoegaze and Dreampop and would be interested in doing that as well. Fell free to get a hold of me at p i a n e l l i m i c h a e l ( a t ) g m a i l ( d o t ) ( c o m ).

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Aug 13 2018
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Just for Fun
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50 to 100
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More than 3 times per week


Blink 182
A Day To Remember
Senses Fail
Hawthorne Heights
Animals As Leaders
Frank Zappa
Steve Vai
Jimi Hendrix
Dance Gavin Dance
Chunk No! Captain Chunk!
Scary Kids Scaring Kids
Joe Pass
Kings of Leon
Asobi Seksu
My Bloody Valentine
Sonic Youth
The Cure
Yvette Young (Covet)
The Dead Milkmen
The Breeders
There probably a million more that I could list but you get the point.

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Marshall 1987' JCM800 1959
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