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7/1/18 Now a Member of The Lost Atlanteans as Guitarist, backing vocals as well as anything else necessary.
10/1/18 I know I said that I was not interested in doing covers, the first few songs from us are gonna be covers as we get our feet wet and hone the atlantean steel to what we believe is our sound. The Iron Maiden cover for us is great start, we are all fans of that era of Iron Maiden.

I have played alot.
No real gigs in over 15 years(Sorta took a hiatus to study music more and get out of the endless loop of joining a band just to play covers and become bored) . I used to play with a few bands metal , rock, alternative ect.. I played bass in alot of bands and guitar in two as well as filled in on keys in one for two gigs(not my strongest instrument, but I can play it).

I would prefer originals over covers, not saying I wont play covers but if the band has no real originality or direction its not my thing. I always use this as an example "Metallica plays turn the page, from the first note its Metallica playing the song not Metallica trying to sound like Bob Seager tone or style" . Play covers in your style not like jukebox or DJ, Play the song as if you wrote it. If you want to be a cover band thats fine , but I do like going to see cover bands I get the appeal, just not for me at this time in life.

The ideal band situation for me would be write, practice , play out a bit and record, as well as Looking for a direction that suits the band. If I put it together my self it would have some Dark, sarcastic, music and lyrics with a bit of a comedic sense.

I would like to get together with people and try and play off each other and see where it goes. I do not have practice place set up yet , maybe over the next year i will get my basement together with that in mind.

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Mike of Breaburn
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Over 100
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Type O negative, Opeth(2008 and up), Danzig, BLS, Dream theater,Steeley Dan, Miles Davis(Bitches Brew), Vic Chestnut, Ben Harper, A Pale Horse Named Death, Tryptykon,UFO(with all their guitarists),Iron Maiden as well as standard radio rock of Led Zeppelin, Rush, ect... I like loads of different stuff, mostly never on the radio type. I like classical , Jazz, Rock, Metal, Folk Metal, I even like to write pop music for fun, not really good at it , but then who is.

As you can see I like a variety of music. The right project for me at this stage of life would have to be heavier than lighter. Think Modern prog metal( not so progressive that you cannot play it well live or would be boring live) but definitely progressive. Its a fine line and its hard to walk.

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Loads and loads, Guitars , 1997 PRS CE24, 1981 greco flying V , 1982 Greco flying V , a bunch more (around 15 more)some custom built some just good guitars that I bought some are projects, My new amp is Mesa JP2C into 2x12 vertical cabinets ,
Basses mostly old Fender P basses think 1969 to 1980s , a G&L 2000 a 1990s fender delux bass fretless too , and a trace elliot rig from when they were their own company and fender M-80 bass amp as well.
Keyboards a Korg 25 M1, Yamaha PRS and studio mp113 bass pedals.

I keep a couple of guitars tuned to B (1987 Gibson V and Dean EVO)for gothic metal or just really low stuff as well as a Fenandes Bass tuned to B .

A medium PA (a good size room with say 300 to 500 people in it) with Mics and Dis for small band and some recording stuff as well.

To sum up I have enuff gear for a great practice rig pa wise, and small gigs as well any instrument I may need to play, with the exception of a computer for my keyboard controller at this moment. ( i have one just not complete set up correctly for travel yet) .